10 Fun Things Montreal Should Spend Its $17 Million Surplus On

One can only hope they make the right choice.
10 Fun Things Montreal Should Spend Its $17 Million Surplus On

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Montreal has millions of extra cash, $17.6 million to be exact.

The large surplus came as a surprise to the city, who will be spending it on whatever they deem necessary, but that got us to thinking: what do we think the million of extra cash should be spent on?

We pondered and came up with 10 things that Montreal should spend some extra cheddar on.

Fix the roads

  • Everyone can agree Montreal's streets are in a state of disrepair, which affects everyone who walks/drives/rides on the road. Ain't no one got time for giant potholes either.

Zipline atop Mount Royal

  • Wishful thinking, we know, but just think how epic it would be to take a zipline from the top of Mount Royal straight to downtown. Not only would it be awesome, you'd save tons of time by not having to walk back down the mountain.

Metro Wifi & cellphone service

  • Apparently this is already in the works. Still, sooner is always better, and being able to chat on your phone while riding the orange line is just too cool.

New, and less destructive, riot gear for the police

  • Too many Montrealers have been tear gassed or hit over the head with a baton by the SPVM, so we thought it might make everyone happier if new riot gear was issued. Web grenades, giant NERF guns, and other, more whimsical and less lethal Batmen-esque gadgets, things like that. I mean, they're gonna use the gear anyways, mine as well make it a little more fun for everyone.

Outdoor Park Deps

  • Perfect for summer. When you're laying the park for hours and hours, drinking wine all afternoon, the last thing you want to do is leave the calm serene of the green park and head to a busy dep for more drank. Beer and wine vendors in the park would fix all that.

Get the Expos back

  • Montreal's brief return to Major League Baseball demonstrated how the city still loves the game. The surplus may not be enough to buy back an entire team, but at least its a start.

Mandatory moist towelettes wherever poutine is served

  • Napkins are not enough. We've all been there, trying to sop up the greasy-cheesy-gooey mess of poutine off of our hands and faces with only dry paper napkins. Things never end well.

Emergency drunk-with-no-cash cab service

  1. Again, wishful thinking, but it would be SO useful. How many times have you spent all your cash at the bar and been stranded downtown without a way to get home, with every cabbie saying they don't take debit/credit? Too many times for this guy. A city funded service would be magical, albeit hella unlikely. Nice to dream though.

Throw a city-wide rager

  • Because when you have money, why not just spend it on getting everyone drunk?

What do you think the city should spend its money on?

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