10 Good Reasons To Never Become A Mature Person

Don't grow up, it's a trap.
10 Good Reasons To Never Become A Mature Person

One of the saddest things in life is growing up and losing that fun loving child that lives within us. Why are we becoming boring adults? Who says we have to act a certain way once we "grow up"? The moment I become a boring adult is the moment my life, real life is going to stop. I'm crossing my fingers in hopes of staying young at heart forever. Stay foolish, stay childish, stay goofy, stay playful! If you're still rolling your eyes, I present to you ten amazing reasons why you should never become a mature person. Ever.

1. New things

Immature people love to try new things. Whether it's tasting new food, experimenting with outfits, hair styles or traveling around the world, they're always open to novelty. A mature person is more comfortable with routine.

2. Big dreams

Immature people are dreamers. They dream big. Mature people tend to be more realistic and, sometimes, even pessimistic. Dreamers are used to hearing things like, "It's impossible, you can't do it"... yet, they are the ones who achieve great things in life.

3. Laughter

Immature people love to laugh. They giggle, smile, smirk and, most importantly, they never take themselves too seriously. Mature people often lack the ability to laugh at themselves.

4. No regrets

Immature people are not afraid to make mistakes. They dive into things without hesitation. But, what if they fail, you ask? Who cares? Lesson learned, on to new adventures!

5. Little things

Immature people appreciate the little things in life. Activities like flying a kite, dancing in the rain or pillow fighting bring so much joy that no amount of money could ever bring. Mature people tend to find satisfaction exclusively in material possessions such as bigger houses or faster cars.

6. Imagination

Immature people have imagination. They're the best story tellers. Mature people more often than not stick to facts.

7. Creativity

Immature people think outside the box. Give an immature person a creative project and they will blow your mind.

8. Love

Immature people are not afraid to love. Their spirit is free. They're not afraid of doing the leap of faith even if it means getting hurt. Mature people are rational and careful. They would rather play it safe.

9. Fun

Immature people are really fun to be around. They're always goofy, bubbly and silly.

10. Live in the moment

Immature people are hopeful about the future and are living in the present in the best way possible. They love life and they savor each and every precious moment of it. Mature people are often unsatisfied with the present and are only hopeful about the future.

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