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10 Great Montreal Outdoor Tanning Spots You Should Try At Least Once This Summer

Laying out in the sun is very fun.
10 Great Montreal Outdoor Tanning Spots You Should Try At Least Once This Summer

Do you look ill? Are you pasty? People are going to start questioning your health if you don't get some of the sun's vitamin D this summer.

T'is time to get out of the comfort zone of your backyard and get your tan on. Grab the peeps, some efficient tanning oil (coconut oil) and seize the day. Gals whip out those old Cosmo mags and go over which of those sex positions you've tried, it'll definitely make for some juicy storytelling under the sun.

One should definitely tan near water because water magnifies the sun and essentially makes you burn faster, which is our goal here: to roast and become toast. Here are some ideal spots where you'll have some fun and get the most out of the sun:

1. Clock Tower Beach 

This spot is just plain common sense... it's a free beach, it's in the center of downtown, the drive isn't far and there are plenty of things to do afterwards @ the port so your day isn't cut short. Plus, young hotties will be roaming everywhere, givin' you something nice to look at while you're baking.

2. Parc La Fonatine

This beautiful park has a body of water embedded in it so you know what that means...set up right next to it and await your glowing skin.

3. Village Éphémère

Right by the St. Lawrence river there's this new amazing beach/bar/boardwalk located right under Jacques Cartier bridge. Tan someplace new and undiscovered by most Montrealers. Click here for more details.

4. Piknic Electronik

Bring your blanket and mingle with some hipsters down by the waterfront @Jean Drapeau. You can tan all afternoon then grab some grub from the plethora of food trucks, each buy a cool bottle of wine thanks to the Barefoot stands and turn up with djs at about fun day in the sun.

5. Bota Bota 

This spa is key for a perfect day of tannage. After going through the hot and cold baths - having found that inner Zen -  set yourselves up on the deck (perhaps on a hammock) and take a look at the stellar view of downtown while bathing in the sun's rays.

6.  Oka Beach 

Lounge out, grab some beers and relish in the beauty that is Oka. You should definately try playing football or frisbee in the water for the most part of the day as it will surely help you to achieve a solid tan. Remember water is key. Forget about bringing a parasol or an umbrella, do without if you want to get some prime coloring. Use Banana Boat avec SPF.

7. Tam-Tams Mount-Royal 

If none of your friends can make it out,  then go to tam-tams alone, no shame! Plenty of people head there for a quiet afternoon of sunbathing away from all the hoopla in the city.

8. Quartier des Spectacles

You and your friends can make your own lil adventure to Montreal Quartier des Spectacles and tan just about anywhere there. There are so many neat lile open area spots to just lay out and take it all in. We suggest however the small hill of green grass on the Ouest side.

9. Beach Club 

If you've been working on getting that summer bod then this should be your first stop to show it off. Essentially, the whole point of this outdoor club isn't to party on the sand, it's really to exhibit what you've been doing at the gym at this time. It's like your own personal photo shoot, you got the great background view, the party scene in front of you, and all the babes from around Montreal at your disposal. Hell yes.

10.  Super Aqua Club/ Calypso / St. Sauveur

When all else fails take a small road trip outside the city. In this case however, keep reapplying oil, the constant contact with water throughout the day will help you brown right up whether you're in the wave pool, going down the slides, under the water bucket, etc. The more rides you go on, the bronzer you'll be.

Tip: Put a little lemon juice in your hair. This will help the sun's rays give you natural highlights.  All you need are lemons and a spray bottle. Squeeze the lemons & mix with water then spray your hair outside periodically.

Where will you be tanning?

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