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10 Great Montreal Spots To Watch The "Honey" Full Moon Tonight

Get a good spot, because it only comes once every 100 years.
10 Great Montreal Spots To Watch The "Honey" Full Moon Tonight

Tonight, on this spooky Friday the 13th eve, a celestial event will occur in the skies that has not been seen by human eyes for over a century.

June's full moon, cutely referred to as the "Honey Moon" has not occurred on a Friday the 13th since way back when in 1919. The next one won't happen 'til 2098.

Dating isn't the only intersting aspect of this lunar event, as your eyes will be treated to a champagne-yellow tinted full moon lighting up the night sky. Make sure you have the best vantage point to enjoy this cosmic event that's been one century in the making with our suggestions of where to watch.

1. Mount Royal Summit

A short walk or drive up the mountain and you'll see the honey moon looking over the entire city.

2. Beaver Lake

If you're ready to trek the mountain, make it a bit romantic with a set-up at Beaver Lake. Blankets and the honey moon glistening in the water make for a cinematically sexy atmosphere.

3. Old Port

Head anywhere near the water and you'll be sure to have a great view of the honey moon. Not quite as romantic as the more secluded Beaver Lake, but much closer to ice cream and bars once you get bored of the moon.

4. Silo 5

If you do head to the Old Port, get a little adventurous and climb atop the Silo 5 Complex. We've seen it done, and Silo 5 truly offers an orgasmic view of the city.

5. Random Construction

We straight up do not recommend you do this, but while we're on the topic of climbing, wouldn't it be sweet to scale a crane or climb up an in-construction building for a view of the honey moon. Again, not advocating, just saying it'd be pretty sweet.

6. Parc La Fontaine

Again, a picnic in the park with blankets and an overhanging honey moon shimmering in the nearby lake is almost a sure-bet to get you some. Any man or woman would have their heart melt, and if they don't, they're a coldhearted robot you should dump anyway.

7. 2108 Club Terrace

The terrace here is always a good time, and if you want to party while enjoying the natural celestial beauty of the Honey Moon, then here is where it'd be best.

8. Your Roof

You actually don't need to travel at all to see the honey moon. Just scale your house, or take the elevator to your building's roof, and gaze at the moonlit sky.

9. Pointe-Claire Windmill

For West Island folk, head to the iconic Pointe-Clare Windmill. Right on the lake and already in a park, you'll have tons of free space and the magical water-glisten effect. Plus, windmills are old-school cool.

10. Your Computer

For the incredibly lazy, you don't need to even leave your room, as the Institute of Astrophysics of the Canary Islands and the Pontificia Universidad Católica De Chile will be streaming the lunar event for 2 hours. Watch below.

Where will you be gazing at the Honey Moon?

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