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10 Great Montreal Spots To Watch The "Super Moon" Tonight

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10 Great Montreal Spots To Watch The "Super Moon" Tonight

 Photo cred - Msensenstein

What are you doing tonight? Well we highly suggest you raise you head to the beautiful Montreal sky and check out July's "Super Moon".

We know a good many of you will already be out watching the 2014 international Fireworks Competitionso you can kill two birds with one stone that way.

This "Super Moon" is the product of it at the closest point in its gravitational orbit around Earth in other words it means it will look and almost feel bigger, brighter and way more impressive than a normal full moon.

Most scientist are estimating that all in all it will look a whole 14% huger but to us it'll probably look double that lol.

This "Super Moon" tonight is actually 1 of 3 that we will witness over then summer months. The 2nd one can be expected on Sunday, August 10th and the 3rd one on Tuesday, September 9th,

Will you be watching? Check out some great Montreal locations below where you can watch the "Super Moon" tonight.

1. Mount Royal Summit

A short walk or drive up the mountain and you’ll see the honey moon looking over the entire city.

2. Village Éphémère

The location is free, its cool and one of the most trendy places to hit up this summer so far. Check them out here.

3. Old Port

Head anywhere near the water and you’ll be sure to have a great view of the honey moon. Not quite as romantic as the more secluded Beaver Lake, but much closer to ice cream and bars once you get bored of the moon.

4. Silo 5

If you do head to the Old Port, get a little adventurous and climb atop the Silo 5 Complex. We’ve seen it done, and Silo 5 truly offers an orgasmic view of the city.

5. Random Construction

We straight up do not recommend you do this, but while we’re on the topic of climbing, wouldn’t it be sweet to scale a crane or climb up an in-construction building for a view of the honey moon. Again, not advocating, just saying it’d be pretty sweet.

6. Parc La Fontaine

Again, a picnic in the park with blankets and an overhanging honey moon shimmering in the nearby lake is almost a sure-bet to get you some. Any man or woman would have their heart melt, and if they don’t, they’re a coldhearted robot you should dump anyway.

7. Terrasse Nelligan

Feel like getting a little fancy, Montreal? Hit up Terrasse Nelligan for a great night with our city’s finest, classiest young professionals. Then, when the fireworks are done, you’re in a prime area to head out and enjoy the rest of your night!

8. Your Roof

You actually don’t need to travel at all to see the honey moon. Just scale your house, or take the elevator to your building’s roof, and gaze at the moonlit sky.

9. Pointe-Claire Windmill

For West Island folk, head to the iconic Pointe-Clare Windmill. Right on the lake and already in a park, you’ll have tons of free space and the magical water-glisten effect. Plus, windmills are old-school cool.

10. Beaver Lake

If you’re ready to trek the mountain, make it a bit romantic with a set-up at Beaver Lake. Blankets and the honey moon glistening in the water make for a cinematically sexy atmosphere.


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