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10 Great Places In Montreal You Can Take A Date If They Love Cheesecake

The best dessert there is.
10 Great Places In Montreal You Can Take A Date If They Love Cheesecake

Few things in life are quite as enjoyable as a bite of a well-crafted, rich, delicious cheesecake. You know what I'm talking about, and if you don't, your SO probably does, because for folks who love cheesecake, the love is strong.

But as any cheesecake-lover will tell you, not all cakes are made the same. Some are a tad lighter, others far more dense with cream cheese, and some aren't even cakes at all. You don't need to have a cake to enjoy the flavours of cheesecake, after all.

From the classic to new spins on the traditional recipes to different ways to enjoy the dessert, Montreal offers more than a few venues to take the cheesecake-loving love in your life. And if they're anything like me, they'll instantly adore you all the more more if you indulge their desires and take them to one of the following spots in Montreal.


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6200 Boulevard Taschereau

Alright, lets start this list with what is easily the classic Montreal restaurant to get a traditional cheesecake, Chenoy's. Stacked to the sky with filling and topped with a delicious strawberry topping, if your date likes their cheesecake simple-yet-decadent, Chenoy's is where you need to take them. And with a piece of cheesecake that huge, it's practically made for sharing on a date.


2. Léché Desserts

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640 de Courcelle

What's better than cake? Donuts, obviously, that's basic dessert math. Logic would have it then, that the only thing better than a cheesecake would be a cheesecake donut. And this isn't some lofty, stoner-dream-concept you can't get right now, because Léché Desserts always has their Berry Cheesecake donut at the ready.

Encapsulating all of the indulgent flavours of a cheesecake into a hand-held format, Léché's sublime creation is a light, airy donut filled with a creamy cheesecake filling complimented a tart berry mixture and some graham cracker clusters on top to add some crunch. You've never had a donut like this before, and if your SO loves cheesecake, Léché's Berry Cheesecake flavour will be their new favourite.


3. Le Cheese Truck

A photo posted by Le Cheese Casse Croute + Truck (@lecheesetruck) on

5976 Monkland (Casse-croute location)

Ready for some next-level indulgence? Get ready then, because you and your date are about to be taken to a new level of indulgence once you hit up Le Cheese for their deep-fried cheesecake. Yes, you read that right, regular cheesecake wasn't enough, Le Cheese had to go and batter it up and throw it in oil for some added flavour. And thank the high lord of cheesecake they did, because Le Cheese's deep-fried cheesecake is simply fantastic. The portion isn't ginormous either, so even if you do eat a whole serving to yourself (I wouldn't let my SO have a bite, don't worry) you won't feel completely bogged down by cheesecake.


4. Boulangerie Cheskie

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359 Bernard W

Easily the best Jewish bakery in Montreal (or at least the most popular), Cheskie's offers a lot to the cheesecake-lover in your life. Marble cheesecake and cheese danishes each offer that delicious combo of fromage and sugar you and your SO adore, all of which can be grabbed anytime Cheskie's is open.

But if you want to true king of cheesy desserts at Cheskie's, go for the cheese crowns. Almost like mini-pies, cheese crowns are bite-sized delights of cheesy-sweetness with a deliciously flaky crust. I've never had a Cheskie's cheese crown I didn't love and I'm sure your date will soon feel the same.


5. Else's

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156 Roy E

I have been going to Else's for years (it's actually one of my go-to date spots) and little did I know that this Plateau resto-bar actually boasts the most acclaimed cheesecakes in the city. Expertly crafted by the bar's patron, Johnny Cheesecakes have been on Else's menu for years and they aren't going anywhere. The perfect ratio of rich, light, and sweet, Johnny Cheesecakes are the secret star of Else's already-stacked menu. In other words, come for the drinks but stay for the cheesecake.


6. Pâtisserie Harmonie

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85 de la Gauchetière W

Not all cheesecake is dense and super rich. Take Pâtisserie Harmonie's Japanese-style cheesecake (otherwise known as "souffle cheesecake") which features a mixture of meringue and cream cheese to create a far lighter and spongier dessert. Definitely different from its North American counterpart, Harmonie's cheesecake won't bog you and your date down so much, making it the perfect snack before you two walk about and enjoy Chinatown.


7. La Cornetteria

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6528 Saint Laurent

Even though the famed Montreal purveyors of the cronut, La Cornetteria, don't regularly make cheesecake (sometimes they have an Italian version), they always have cannoli, which is like a mini-yet-better cheesecake in my opinion. Crispy, fried dough is filled with a tangy and rich ricotta filling, creating a flavour profile that is quite akin to a cheesecake, just a bit lighter. Ideal when you and your date want something sweet to pair with your espresso while strolling through Little Italy, La Cornetteria's cannoli may not be cheesecake but they're the next best thing.


8. Sophie Sucrée

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167 des Pin E

Vegans get the shaft when it comes to cheesecake, and if you're dating a vegan (or are one) you already know the struggle of finding delicious desserts that meet your dietary criteria. Fortunately, Montreal boasts a few venues that serve wholly vegan desserts, and when it comes to cheesecake, Sophie Sucrée's is the cream of the crop. Altogether delicious and indulgent, one wouldn't even know this cheesecake is vegan if they weren't told, it's really that good. The vegan in your life is going to love it, guaranteed.


9. Ripples

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3880 Saint Laurent

When it's hot out (like, really hot out) you don't necessarily want to intake a pound of cream cheese in the form of a cheesecake. That's when Ripples comes in to save the day and satiate your SO's cheesecake cravings with their Blackberry Cheesecake flavour. On the lighter side of the cheesecake spectrum, you won't get tons of cheesecake-iness in this ice cream, but there's just enough to get you where you need to be. Plus, the sweet-and-tart raspberry quality makes this Ripple's all the more refreshing. So on summer days, look no further than Ripples when you want to take your boy/girlfriend on a cheesecake-date.


10. Afroditi Bakery

A photo posted by Ferrin (@ferrinsolano) on

756 Rue Saint Roch

A quaint, charming, and classic French and Greek bakery, Afroditi doesn't just have one cheesecake on it menu, it has three. Variety is always amazing, and while the regular and marble cheesecake at Afroditi are both amazing, your SO will go extra-nuts for the sublimity that is the bakery's Oreo cheesecake. All the deliciousness of the classic cookie put into a cheesecake, one doesn't even need to like Oreos to love this cheesecake.


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