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10 Grocery Items Potentially Contaminated With Salmonella In Quebec

Definitely avoid these items.
10 Grocery Items Potentially Contaminated With Salmonella In Quebec

Summer is a surprisingly hazardous season.

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While the season occupies a special place in the hearts of Montrealers, extreme weather, overcrowded highways, and spikes in petty crime make summer a pretty dangerous time of year.

Already this week Environment Canada has issued a severe heat warning for the Montreal area. Those high temperatures will accompagny thunderstorms every day this week.

Now, unfortunately, seasonal hazards have invaded the grocery store.

No, I'm not talking about spiking prices on coffee and toilet paper because of Donald Trump's trade war with Canada.

A salmonella outbreak has led grocery stores and food companies to recall entire products across the province. 

Unfortunately, the list of items potentially contaminated with salmonella includes some of our favourite comfort foods. Here are the products to avoid:

– No Name brand chicken nuggets

– All brands of chicken fingers :(

– Mini Ritz pizza flavoured crackers

– Mini Ritz cheese crackers

– Ritz bacon and cheese flavoured crackers

– Ritz whole grain white cheddar crackers

– Ritz cream cheese crackers

– Chocolate swiss rolls

– Uncle Ben's broccoli rice

– Uncle Ben's chicken rice

Chicken fingers, guys. CHICKEN FINGERS. If you're a twenty-something, like me, then chicken fingers with Ritz cracker and rice are a staple of your diet.

Now what will I eat??? I suppose it's better to avoid these foods than to contract salmonella...maybe.


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