10 Health Benefits Of Having An Active Sex Life

#3 Fights signs of aging.
10 Health Benefits Of Having An Active Sex Life

As if you all needed a reason to have sex other than just wanting to have sex. That's more than reason enough because, let's face it, sex is awesome. Which makes the following list just a big bunch of bonus benefits you'll be able to enjoy when you're having regular sex. So if you've just been sitting around waiting for Mr. or Mrs. Right, get off your ass and find Mr. or Mrs. Right Now! Your health depends on it.

1. Semen May Have Antidepressant Properties

A study from the State University of New York found that female students who have unprotected sex had less symptoms of depression than those who used condoms. The data suggested that semen may reduce these symptoms as some of the components of semen get absorbed into bloodstream. This means men may finally have a decent argument to convince their partners to swallow.

 2. Sex Is Good For Your Heart

The British Royal University found that men who were more sexually active also had a lower risk of heart attacks and strokes. That's because hormones that get released by the body help heal and expand blood vessels.

3. Fights Signs Of Aging

The famous Dr. David Weeks conducted a study where he claimed that having sex 3 times a week will make you look up to 7 years younger. That's because of the increased blood flow throughout the body which helps you maintain fresh skin, especially in your face.

4. Better Sleep

The women's wellness center in Beverly Hills found that the endorphins that are released when you have sex help you get a better night's sleep. You'll fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up feeling more rested and rejuvenated.

5. Intelligence

A study from the University of Amsterdam found that those who have more sex may develop better critical thinking skills due to the life changing consequences of any and all sexual acts.

6. Fight Colds And Flu

Since having sex raises your level of anti-bodies, your immune system is stronger, which means you'll be better protected from common colds and the flu.

7. Help Prevent Incontinence In Women

Regular sex builds up your pelvic muscles and your core depending on your preferred positions. So later on in life you'll have a far smaller risk of experiencing incontinence.

8. Live Longer

An Australian study found that people who orgasm at least 3 times a week had an overall 50% lower chance of death related to any particular disease.

 9. Be More Attractive

Studies show that sex makes your body release pheromones that make you more appealing and sexy. So the more you and your partner have sex, the more you'll want to have sex. When they say people have good chemistry, they're talking about actual chemistry.

 10. Better Self Esteem

Here's a tricky one. Studies from the university of Texas show that those who had regular sex were also way more confident about their appearance. But then again that just may be due to those who have a better outer appearance who have more sex. It's the chicken and the egg situation all over again.

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