10 Healthy Eating Spots In Montreal With Food So Good Your Mouth May Explode

Time to get that summer body ready!
10 Healthy Eating Spots In Montreal With Food So Good Your Mouth May Explode

Ah food, one of the biggest roadblocks to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I know we all want to eat healthily and keep our body in tip-top shape, but there's just one problem: food is so freaking good.

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I know that whenever I try to lose weight, food is the one thing that is constantly standing in my way. Cheese, sugar, carbs...need I say more?

Well, what if I told you that you could eat healthily and eat good food? Sounds pretty good, doesn't it? The secret is just knowing that right places to go. Well, there's that or learning how to cook. Having other people cook for you is just that much more satisfying so I think I know which option you're all going to opt for. 

In the spirit of being healthy and enjoying every mouthful of food you eat, here are 10 spots in Montreal that serve healthy food that is actually DELICIOUS:

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1. Mandy's

I'm sure you've all heard of Mandy's or at least seen an Instagrampost (or twenty) of their beauuuutiful food. This place specializes in salads, but trust me, they are not your everyday boring salads with soggy leaves of iceberg lettuce and salty, flavorless dressing. These leafy creations will fill you up and make your taste buds dance! If you're a salad hater then I highly suggest you check out this place because it will change your mind in an instant. It's also one of the cutest little spots out there, so at the very least you'll get a cute insta shot.

2. Omnivore

This place is absolutely perfect for those of you who are trying to keep your diet and cravings in check. As the title suggests, it has something for everyone. It isn't a restaurant for only vegetarians or vegans or only meat-eaters. It has something for everyone. So, if you're craving a good kabab and don't want to ruin your diet by getting something overly fatty and greasy, head on over here and they'll take care of you. It's also Asian-inspired so the flavors are off the charts! They cater as well so you can even have healthy events!

3. Aux Vivres

Here's a tip to know if something is healthy or not, it should be popping with natural color. That means that Cheetos and Mountain Dew don't count. And as you can see here, Aux Vivres has got the color going on. Fresh fruits and vegetables are where it's at. And yes, this is a restaurant that specializes in vegan food, but you just can't deny it. A healthy diet always has tons of fruits and veggies in it, so you're probably going to have to substitute them into your meal plan.

4. Premiere Moisson

This place is easy and simply healthy. It's just real, good food that's fresh and made with real ingredients. That can actually be pretty hard to find nowadays. One of the best things about this place, it's freaking everywhere! And it's perfect for if you're in a rush and just need to grab a quick breakfast or lunch. You don't have to resort to fast food. This place has healthy stuff that comes without the grease and the endless calories. It's also a super relaxing place that's great to sit down with your friends after a long week and just chill without the bustle of everything.

5. La Panthere Verte

I LOVE this place. It's as simple as that. Their menu gets me every single time. I walk in and I don't know what to order because I want to order everything. And eat it all. Now obviously, if you want to be healthy you should probably only get one meal. From their great salads to their homemade juices, this place knows lunch.

6. Falafel Avenue

Chickpeas are one of the best things to happen in the world. They will fill you up and they are full of nutrients. You know that "healthy fat" that just sounds like an oxymoron, well it's a thing and it's really good for you. Especially if you're on a workout plan, you're going to need energy. That's the way to actually have a healthy body, not crazy dieting. You need good calories, not no calories. All that to say, you should see what this place does with falafels. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

7. Freshii

This place specializes in superfoods so you can put your money on the fact that this place is going to be serving you healthy food. Their motto is "Eat. Energize", so they clearly care about what they're putting into the bodies of their customers. Whenever I eat junk food I feel absolutely drained afterward. I get tired and I feel bad. It's like my body knows and is trying to punish me. Healthy food on the other hand always makes me feel well, energized. So, there is something to be said for eating right.

8. Sue

This sandwich shop is the perfect place to go for lunch or to order from for any corporate meetings. For the last 3 years, they've specialized in it. They even make pre-made lunchboxes so you don't have to worry about having to decide where to eat on an empty stomach (which can lead to bad decisions) because they've got you covered. There are so many things that you can do with a sandwich and they do everything right.

9. A&V Bistro Santé

Their food is homemade and fresh and good for you. There you go it's perfect. And on top of that, this is the perfect place to go on a diet because they even have healthy desserts. That's right, you can eat healthy food and you can have dessert. This is a great way to get a fix of sugar without throwing your diet completely out the window. And a great thing is that during lunch hours they deliver. So, they'll bring the healthy food to you.

10. Copper Branch

This place is fast food meets health. Seeing as it is 100% plant-based, you can't ignore how healthy their food is. It's definitely one of my favorite places to eat. You feel healthy just walking into this place. It's something in the air. They've got soups, sandwiches, protein bowls, smoothies, you name it. They've even got plant-based poutine and wings so you can feel like you're cheating on your diet when in reality you're sticking to it.