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10 Holiday Gifts Every Girl Will Sell Her Soul For

Brilliant Montreal finds you can actually afford.
10 Holiday Gifts Every Girl Will Sell Her Soul For

If you're stressing about buying gifts for your girlfriend, wife, daughter, mother... fear no more! I'm here to help and make your life easier, man. There are a bunch of things you can choose from and satisfy even those women from your life who you think are impossible to shop for. You're welcome, buddy.

1. Victoria's Secret gift certificate

You'll never guess the right fit or style that she likes if you actually pick something for her. Just get a gift card and allow her to shop for herself. In case you didn't know, a new VS mega store opens today on St. Catherine street. Check it out!

2. Two tickets to see her favourite artist

Is it Justin Bieber? Awesome, he's coming to to Montreal in May 2016. Get her two tickets, never one. That way she can invite someone to watch the show with her. It might even be you, but we all know you're not a belieber.

Photo cred - Kiwicollection

3. Weekend getaway

A nice little getaway to Tremblant is always a good idea. Book a hotel and/or a day at a spa, who wouldn't like that? Exactly.

4. Manicure/pedicure gift certificate

Any woman will appreciate this gift even if she's not a regular at a nail salon. Bonus points if you find a good salon next to her work or home, so she wouldn't have to travel too far to get her nails done.

5. Professional photoshoot

Any woman wonders what it's like to be a super model... well, you can actually gift her this experience and book a professional photoshoot. Don't forget a makeup artist and a stylist for a complete make over and best results.

6. Professional cooking class

This could be a fun experience for her! Just like in #2, please remember to offer two passes, so she can invite someone to join her, whether it's her mother, girlfriend or even you.

7. Gift card to her favourite coffee shop

Does she pass by Starbucks every morning before work? Great! Get her a Starbucks gift card. It's thoughtful, useful and oh, so easy.

Photo cred - Gateshead

8. Hairdresser appointment

Do you know her hairstylist? Find out who it is and pay for her next appointment in advance. If she doesn't have one, here's a list you could look into and, possibly, book something for your girl.

9. Sephora gift card

Literally any woman will appreciate a gift card into makeup heaven.

10. Money

If you don't have any time to shop or you just don't want to break your head, money will do. You can't go wrong with this one...

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