10 Hollywood Celebrities You Can Spot In Montreal This Summer

Famous people to see in the city.
10 Hollywood Celebrities You Can Spot In Montreal This Summer

I must be the unluckiest person in Montreal. I never get to spot celebrities on the street no matter how hard I try. Then again it's not like I was trying very hard.

This year however will be different. I got my stalker binoculars ready, I always carry a marker so that celebrities can sign my ass and I have a list of the celebrities that will be in Montreal this summer.

And since I'm such a nice guy I've decided to share the list with you. Just promise me that if you spot them before I do that you'll share your pics with me so that I may live vicariously through you.

Here are the celebrities you'll be able to spot in Montreal this summer.

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Justin Bieber

If you're obsessed with Justin Bieber then you won't want to miss his May show in Montreal. And if anyone says that May 16 isn't technically "summer" I will lose it.

#FlowerChild in #Paradise. ??????

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Paris Hilton

Or should I say DJ Paris Hilton. She'll be in town headlining at Beach Club this summer.

Moments before @bp2269 & I both bet @mister_keating $200,000 he couldn't go 6 months without sex #Neutered #50kRewardToTheFirstGirlToFuckAlanInTheNext180Days #IfAGuyRapesHimIsTheBetAWash?

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Dan Bilzerian


Love him or hate him, the king of instagram is back again this year to host on the biggest parties of the summer.

Woody Harrelson


You know him from the hunger games, natural born killers, Kingpin and about a million other fantastic movies. Or you may just know him as the guy from the gif who's wiping his tears with a big wad of cash. Either way, Woody will be here to film The Glass Castle this summer.

Brie Larson


Brie Larson will also be in Montreal shooting along side Woody Harrelson starting in June.

Naomi Watts


The third member on our list who will be in town filming The Glass Castle in Montreal this summer.

Jennifer Lawrence


Before you get too excited, keep in mind that for now this only a rumor. However it is not unlikely since Jennifer Lawrence has been here filming x-men movies on two separate occasions. Word is she's part of Darren Aronosky's latest project and they've recently hired a film crew in Montreal, so fingers crossed.

Lana Del Rey


Lana Del Rey will be coming down for OSHEAGA. Of course, she might not be able to resist wandering around our beautiful city so keep an eye out.

5 Seconds of Summer


We always seem to be on the lookout for Hollywood movie celebrities, however if you don't pay attention you might miss out on meeting your favorite artists.

Céline Dion

Spotting her is rare since she has her permanent show in Vegas, but for those who miss the legend that is Celine Dion, she will be holding a concert at the bell center this summer.

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