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10 Hot Sauces I Reach For Instead Of Sriracha

I got hot sauce in my bag ... swag.
10 Hot Sauces I Reach For Instead Of Sriracha

Before anyone loses their mind, allow me to mention that I do enjoy Sriracha.

After all, I'm not insane and I still have taste buds. But that doesn't mean you should be using Sriracha on everything you eat.

Much like a wine pairing, you need the right heat for the right food. So before you mindlessly reach for that Sriracha bottle to spice up your meal, consider one of these alternatives instead.

Remember, it's not about the heat, it's about the flavor.

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1. Piri-Pri

Perfect for: Chicken

Whether you're eating chicken or pretty much any Portuguese dish, you'd be insane to use Sriracha. Piri-Piri sauce is a far better alternative. Make sure to get the Macarico brand, which you can purchase here. But buy more than one bottle, the sauce will be gone before you know it.


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2. Smoke Show

Perfect for: Oysters

I first tasted this hot-sauce at Le Majestique and lucky for me, they sold it by the bottle next door at Epicerie Unique. It was originally created for oysters but one taste of this sauce and you'll realize that it belongs on pretty much everything. Did I mention it has maple syrup in it?

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3. Valentina

Perfect for: Breakfast

I have no idea where this sauce is sold, but every time I eat breakfast at Le Gros Luxe, I'm tempted to steal a bottle. Which is what leads me to categorize this sauce as: the world's greatest "breakfast hot sauce".

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4. Mark's Hot Sauce

Perfect for: Burgers

Another sauce that was created in Montreal. It's made in small batches without preservatives and you can really taste the difference. Here's a list of places that sell it in Montreal.

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5. Harissa

Perfect for: Sandwiches / Anything that comes in a pita

There are no particular brands I prefer. As long as it comes in one of those small see-though plastic containers. It's more of paste than a sauce so go easy on it because it's practically entirely made of crushed hot peppers. Pro tip: Mix with a bit of mayonnaise to create the world's greatest sandwich sauce.

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6. Frank's Ketchup Style Hot Sauce

Perfect for: Hot Dogs

It's not quite ketchup and it's not quite hot sauce. Just be careful is you enjoy regular Frank's Red Hot because once you make the switch, there's just no going back. Take your Montreal steamies to whole new level.

The mother of all egg sandwiches: fried eggs from my yard, sunny side up, smoked Gouda cheese, mayonnaise, sour kraut, sliced jalenenos and @elyucateco_hotsauce habanero sauce on toasted Ezekiel bread.

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7. El Yucatero

Perfect for: Eggs

They call themselves "the kings of flavor" and if you've ever tried this sauce you know it's true. Try the green one, there's just something special about the green one. You can get it here at Sabor Latino.

C'est la saison des #BBQ au Chili et ils savent en profiter! @nibarram

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8. Oro Rojo

Perfect for: Poutine

This is the 3rd sauce on our list that was created in Montreal. That's because in Montreal we like our weather cold and our sauces hot. They couldn't have thought of a more perfect name for it, it really is 'Red Gold'. There's a flavor I can't quite put my finger on so when I consulted their website to clear up the mystery I found out what the secret ingredient is: Magic. Here's where to buy it.

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9. Mystery Chinese Sauce Packets

Perfect for: Whatever you just ordered

I used to have a bottle of Sriracha on hand for every time I ordered Chinese food. But one day I ran out and I was forced to use the little mystery 'wing' sauce packet they include with your food. Since then, I've often had vivid dreams about robbing Chinese restaurants, just for the sauce.

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10. Chipotle Tabasco

Perfect for: BBQ

If you must use Tabasco, just make sure you don't use the normal kind. Chipotle Tabasco is the only acceptable option since it actually has a flavor. It's a good way to get some BBQ flavor without actually using a BBQ.

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