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10 Hottest Chefs In Montreal Right Now

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10 Hottest Chefs In Montreal Right Now

Montreal's got the taste buds for madness. If there's one thing this city is known for (except for beautiful girls and partying) it's our #foodporn.

Coming from all around the world, these talented chefs have given this city the reputation it so highly deserves, with its different ethinicity and cultures that bring for some exquisite culinary foodgasms.

Let's give a hand of applause to our hardworking Montreal men (with tattoos) who are doing it big! Here's the list of the top 10 hottest chefs in the industry right now.

Danny Smiles

You've seen him on the Television series Top Chef. He's the Chef de cuisine at Bremner.

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Nick Hodge

Straight from Texas to Montreal. Nick brings the authenticity of his traditional tex-mex to Icehouse in Montreal's Plateau. Finger lickin good.


Charles-Antoine Crête

His charming smile is not his best asset. Chef Charles-Antoine Crete is the culinary mind behind Montreal Plaza, located in Plaza St Hubert (along with partner Cheryl Johnson).


Antonio Park

The passionate soul behind Park. Renown chef at restaurant Park located on Victoria Ave. in Westmount.


John Winter Russell

Originally from Ontario, he's been calling Montreal home for just about five years now. He recently opened his Petite-Bourgogne restaurant, Candide, located on St Martin street in Little Burgundy.


Jason Nagy

He's been shucking oysters before he knew it would be his calling.

Check him out here

Jérémie Falissard

The executive chef behind double B's, Barroco and Bocata (Along with Roberto Barroco). He's originally from France and has culinary experience from Spain and Italy which inspired the cuisine behind his charming restaurants.

Barroco and Bocata

photo cred - Garde Manger

Josh Lauridsen

Dream team along with Chuck Hughes. Josh is presently Le Chef de cuisine at Garde Manger.

Follow his Instagram and Twitter.

photo cred - Marc Olivier Frappier

Marc Olivier Frappier

The genius behind Joe Beef. If you didn't know already, it's ranked as Canada's best restaurant. Owned by David McMillan and Frederic Mori.


photo cred - Dominique Lafond

Chuck Hughes

You know I had to save the best for last. The man, the legend.Chef Chuck Hughes is one of our very own. He is the Chef and co-owner of Garde Manger and Le Bremner, located in Old Montréal, with partners Tim Rozon and Kyle Marshall Nares.


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