10 Hottest Montreal Guys On Tinder This Week

Back by popular demand.
10 Hottest Montreal Guys On Tinder This Week

Tinder, Tinder, in my hand, who's the fairest of the land? Okay, you can ignore that. I just think I'm funny sometimes. But do you know what you can't ignore? The fact that Montreal probably has the most beautiful people in the world. It's a fact, my friends. And do you know what happens when beautiful people mix with awesome dating apps? Beautiful things. Read on for the 10 Hottest Montreal Guys On Tinder This Week.

Bob, color me impressed.

Honestly, nothing I say can compare to those glowing reviews.

Are y'all swiping?

Loving that name.

There's nothing like a personal trainer. Don't worry he's the one on the left.

Look at dat smile doe.

Here comes the smoulder.

Marlon, keep on doing whatever you're doing. It's working.

I think the picture speaks for itself.

10/10 for style, friend.

A little added bonus. He probably won't share any bacon, but at least he won't judge your drinking habits.

If you're tired of swiping aimlessly on Tinder for hours, mark June 17 on your calendar. This is when the new dating app Teleport will be launching in Montreal.

Teleport is ready to revolutionize the way you online date and build connections by setting you up with five-minute video chats with people that share similar interests as you.

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