10 Hottest Montreal Guys With Moustaches On Tinder Right Now

I just spent over an hour swiping left and right(mostly left though) on Tinder. It's so much fun! I honestly have the best job in the world. Turns out finding hot guys with moustaches is not as easy as I thought. Like, there's a shit ton of handsome guys with beards, but moustaches? Nope, not that many. Why aren't guys rocking moustaches? It's a sick look AND it's November. Here's some inspiration for all of you. Ladies, you're welcome.

You probably came to one of his parties. *wink wink*

I'm feeling like a legit cougar for swiping right on a 19 year old.

Yo, he's holding a cat, I already love him.

Such an exotic name.

Wink wink wink.

Well hello there Matthew!

Spanish photographer Juan had me like <3

I can't spell your name, but you're hot.

Nick, you have a glorious moustache! Thank you.