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10 Important Montreal Things To Know About Having A BBQ On Your Balcony

So that no one can interrupt your fun grilling in the sun.
10 Important Montreal Things To Know About Having A BBQ On Your Balcony

Photo cred - Ragnar

Two amazing aspects of summer are the ability to chill on balconies in the sun and being able to barbecue outdoors. When the two are combined, summer-chilling reaches a zenith, as little else compares to the good times of a balcony-BBQ'ing sesh.

More than a few rules exist when it comes to balcony-BBQ'ing, so to make sure you don't get fined or start an inferno, we checked out the City of Montreal's regulations page to find out the do's and do not's of barbecuing on a balcony.

Read on, get informed, then get BBQ'ing.

1. BBQ's are 100% permitted on balconies in Montreal

  • Just so you know sure, so the rest of this list isn't entirely irrelevant.

 2. Propane & charcoal fueled are both permitted

  • Great success.

 3. Any portable BBQ must be placed on non-combustible material

  • Non-combustible materials are those meet the guidelines of the CAN4-S114, "Standard Method of Test for Determination of Non-Combustibility in Building Materials (here's a reference guide just in case you wanna know more)

 4. Balcony-BBQs not must be within 600mm/24 inches of a door or window

  • A little math never hurt anyone.

 5. No BBQ should be placed b/w a door and stairs

  • Common sense reigns supreme.

 6. All types of balconies are permitted, even those deemed "combustible material"

  • But if so, make sure you follow the next rule

 7. Portable BBQs should be put on a metal surface that goes 600mm/24 inches around the base

  • Wise words of wisdom.

 8. No propane tanks (if using) should ever be kept inside or in an enclosed space

  • Duh!

 9. Never toss out your propane tank in the garbage

  • Residual fuel could cause an explosion, so take 'em back to where you originally bought it if need be.

 10. All balcony BBQ'ing must be in line with the regulations of your specific borough

  • If you got a worry, ring up/email your borough's permit and regulation office (directory)

Photo cred - Elina Perdahl

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