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10 Important Things To Know About Montreal's Bars Open Until 6am

Insights from a Montreal bar operator included in the pilot project.
10 Important Things To Know About Montreal's Bars Open Until 6am

Photo cred - WCS

You've heard the news, and you're already excited that Montreal bar's will be open until 6am.

But what do you really know about the exciting new pilot project?

Not that much, but we got you covered. We spoke to Raphael Santarossa, partner of Diablos BBQ, one of the bars chosen for the pilot project, and he was able to offer some insight and specific details.

Here's what you need to know:

  1. Only 19 bars will be included in the pilot project. See the full list here.
  2. All bars the bars included are on St. Denis or Crescent street.
  3. The pilot project will begin on Thursday, June 12th and end on Friday, July 5th.
  4. No terraces will remain open after 3am.
  5. Last call will be at 5:30am.
  6. The extended hours will only be allowed on weekends (Sunday nights likely not included).
  7. No restrictions on type of alcohols to be served will be in place from 3am-5:30am
  8. Kitchens will remain open depending on the bar's decision (Diablos will have a special late-night menu)
  9. 6am will be a strict cut-off time. Patrons will have half an hour to leave after the 5:30am last call
  10. Only indoor seating will be allowed, thus changing the capacity of certain bars.

You can listen to more of Santarossa's insights  on the new pilot on CJAD here.

Are you still excited for bars to stay open until 6am?

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