11 Inexpensive Gifts For The Montreal Lover In Your Life

Alright, real talk, it can be super hard to find an awesome Christmas gift. You've got to know the person you're shopping for like the back of your hand. The gift can't be too expensive or too generic. It has to be perfect. Friends, if the pressure is on to find the best Christmas gift for your loved ones, don't worry. I've got you covered. Read on for 10 Inexpensive Gifts For The Montreal Lover In Your Life.

1. This customizable Canadiens poster.

Honestly, how adorable would this be for the Habs lover in your life? Get it right here.

2. Also, this hilariously honest T-Shirt.

We take a shot when they score, we take a shot when they almost score, we chug when they lose. Where is the lie? Check it out over here.

Photo cred - Main and Local

3. These earrings that represent everyone's favourite Montreal landmark.

The Julep is a beautiful place. This is the perfect gift for the OJ lover in your life, but also for anyone who's spent their summers admiring cars and chomping on poutine in the parking lot. Check it here.

4. This gorgeous print that reminds us to find the beauty in everyday things.

Perfect not only for those of us who love Montreal, but for those of us who love photography in general. Get it here.

5. A cute chalk mug that features Montreal's skyline.

Combine your love of coffee and Montreal into one adorable gift. Intrigued? You should be. Check out more information here.

6. A poutine phone case. Because who doesn't love poutine?

This one is perfect for all the poutine lovers out there. So basically anyone who's tried a poutine. Get it here.

7. This minimalist Metro map.

Which is both super modern and beautiful in its simplicity, and super convenient. Check it out over here.

Photo cred - TripleCitiesVintage

8. A Montreal hat, to keep you warm and remind you of the 514.

Or the 450. Or the 438. Either way, if you love Montreal, and if you have a head, this is probably the perfect gift for you. Get it right here.

9. These old school coin purses.

To hold your newfangled Opus tickets. Get them here.

10. This beautiful Montreal print.

This adorable decor item is great for anyone who loves the city - or home decor in general. Get it right here.

11. This contemporary pillowcase that sounds exactly like all of us when we wake up.

I never thought I'd identify so strongly with a pillow, and yet, here we are. The perfect gift for those of us who love to sleep in, this pillow says it all - so we don't have to. Get it right here.