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10 Insane Quebec Mansions

Simply amazing architecture.
10 Insane Quebec Mansions

We've already shown you the most luxuriouslyinsane mansions housed within the borders of our city. So now it's time to make you green with envy, and expand our real estate-horizons even further by looking towards some of the province's greatest estates.

Granted, some of these aren't that far from Montreal, and others may not be designated as "mansions" in the strictest sense, but regardless, each and every property listed below is an architectural marvel. You'll no doubt be picturing yourself in each, dreaming of the ways you could make enough money to actually afford such a property.

Château Dufresne

Originally built and owned by French bourgeoisie brothers Oscar and Marius Dufresne from 1915-1918, this Montreal mansion was constructed in a beaux-arts style that gives it a very neo-classic feel. Now a museum housing relics of Montreal's past, anyone can take a peak inside this noble estate.

Château Frontenac

Built by the Canadian Pacific Railway in 1893 as one of the company's many "chateau" hotels, Château Frontenac received some upgrades as time went on, but the magnificent structure still serves its original function as a grand hotel. Regarded as one the "most photographed hotel in the world" for its beauty, Château Frontenac may not be a proper mansion, but it boasts an aesthetic that rivals any other mansion on this list, so we felt the need to include it.

Le Manoir Taschereau

The home of Lord John Thomas Taschereau, this Quebec mansion is actually a designated heritage site for its stunning architecture and rather long history, as it was built in 1811.

The Modern Mansion Masterpiece

Priced just above $4.5 million, this Quebec mansion is described as a "modern masterpiece," and for good reason. Kingly in every sense, this 11,685 square-foot estate boasts a swimming pool, a spa that can fit twelve people, open terraces, and a fully-equipped gourmet kitchen.

Manoir Papineau

Overlooking the Ottawa River, this luxuriously large manor in Montebello, Quebec, was originally the home of Louis-Joseph Papineau, the historical Canadian political figure. Quite a large estate, the 19th century mansion is kept to its original grandeur thanks to it now being a National Historic Site.

The French-Inspired Waterside Mansion

Located in Laval Des Rapides, this Quebec waterside mansion takes inspiration from classic French architectural styles to achieve a truly royal glamour. With a waterfront view that can't be beat, along with an interior decor that is beyond ritzy, this fairly-recent addition to Quebec's list of mansions lies at the top tiers of real estate luxury.

Louis-Joseph Forget House

Easily one of the richest Montrealers in his day, stockbroker Louis-Joseph Forget (1853-1911) needed a home to match his rather large income. And so he built one in Senneville, Quebec, which is now known simply as the Louis-Joseph Forget house, a historic landmark in the area.

Photo cred - CBC News via Pinterest

The Record-Breaking $13.25M Mansion

Twenty rooms, a heated indoor pool, a room devoted to ping pong, and another for wine tasting complete with a wine cellar, it's almost no surprise that this Quebec mansion was priced at a whopping $13.25 million. What is somewhat surprising is that someone actually paid that price tag, making for one of the largest real estate sales (if not the largest) sold through a multiple listing service in Quebec history.

The Charles A. Smart House

One part politician and one part army/militia man, Charles Allan Smart lived in Montreal way back in the day, like late-1800s back in the day. Smart was also a longstanding Conservative leader in Westmount for many years, and his dedication to the city is still seen through his classically beautiful home on Sunnyside avenue.

An Actual Quebec Castle

When you hear the word "castle," your mind immediately drums up of thoughts of regality, but in an archaic context. Kings and queens of yore had castles, after all, not modern folk like us. This Quebec mansion turns that notion on its head, as it is as close to a castle as an estate can get without a moat. Seriously, this Quebec castle-like mansion is the stuff of dreams.

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