10 Insane Spots You Can View Fall Colours In Cottage Country That Are Super Close To Montreal

Fall is finally here, and I don't know about all of you but I'm so relieved! I love fall and everything about it. The big chunky sweaters, circle scarves, black boots and cozy tea, there's absolutely nothing wrong with this season whatsoever.

I think the very best part of this season is the changing colours of the leaves. Once the air cools down from humid, hot temperatures to cool, crisp ones the leaves also change from bright, lively green to gorgeous red, orange, and yellows. These colours are a symbol of the leaves dying and falling off for the winter months, but even though it's a symbol of the cold months to come it's still incredibly beautiful.

Check out this list below of the most amazing places close to Montreal you can see the best fall colours!

1. Wapizagonke Lake

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Distance From Montreal: 2 hours 40 minutes

This gorgeous lake is located in Quebec's La Maurice National Park and it offers amazing views of the fall foliage. Take a seat by the water and stare out at the water reflecting the reds, oranges and yellows. Or grab a canoe or kayak and glide along the fresh waters. You can also enjoy hiking through the surrounding forests!

2. Mont Owls Head

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Distance From Montreal: 1 hour 3o minutes

This mountain is a popular winter destination for skiers and snowboarders alike. However, in the fall months this mountain is popular for hiking up the dry hills underneath the still chair lifts above. Once at the top, hikers can enjoy a breathtaking view of the lakes and fall foliage below them. It is not a challenging hike but it is still most definitely worth it for the views.

3. Cap Tourmente

Cap tourmente

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Distance From Montreal: 3 hours 15 minutes

This gorgeous spot is home to hundreds of Canadian Geese and the fall colours here are absolutely insane. Take a hike through the forests, relax by the clear, refreshing lakes and enjoy the crisp fall air that surrounds you!

4. Lake Champlain, Vermont

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Distance From Montreal: 1 hour 27 minutes

This amazing lake is a very popular destination in the summer for boating, water sports and cottaging. But in the fall months, this lake turns into a fall paradise, with bright colours and crisp, cool waters. You can hike in the surrounding forests or rent yourself a little cottage for the weekend!

5. Gatineau Park

Gatineau Park in the fall is spectacular! #gatineau #gatineaupark #forest #fall #seasons #change #orange #red #green #yellow #brown #nikon #nikontop #nikonphotography #ottawaphotographer #ottawa Photo by @investinottawa

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Distance From Montreal: 2 hours 45 minutes

Gatineau Park is home to some amazing wildlife and exploring. Take hikes through the forest and find some hidden paths perfect for falling leaves and pretty colours. The lakes here are shimmering and you're bound for some awesome views of the changing colours in the trees surrounding them.

6. Mont Orford

The colours of the #EasternTownships look incredible from every angle... @tourismequebec #CouleursQc #QuebecOriginal

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Distance From Montreal: 1 hour 18 minutes

Another popular ski location in the winters, Mont Orford is super close to Montreal and has so much nature and activities to offer visitors. If you come during the winter, expect some amazing skiing, but if you come during the fall you're bound to see some amazing fall colours surrounding you. Hike to the top of the mountain and get a birds eye view!

7. Glimmerglass State Park, New York

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Distance From Montreal: 4 hours 24 minutes

Glimmerglass State Park is an amazing park located in Cooperstown, New York. It's not super far from Montreal and is home to amazing leaf-peeping activities. Hike through the forest trails, walk under the classic covered bridges, and hang out by the cute little lakes! All the while, peeping those gorgeous leaf colours.

8. Eastman, Quebec


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Distance From Montreal: 1 hour 7 minutes

Eastman, Quebec is home to some amazing nature to explore especially in the fall months. This town has lakes, hiking trails and is a great place to peep those fall leaves! Don't miss out on coming here this fall because it's so close to Montreal!

9. Green Mountains, Vermont

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Distance From Montreal: 1 hour 54 minutes

The Green Mountains in Vermont are definitely the most popular mountains in this state. They are towering and gorgeous especially when they're sprinkled with flecks of red, orange and yellows leaves all over. This mountain has a nature trail where visitors can hike up to the top and it passes by lakes and covered bridges along the way!

10. Mont Sutton

Parfaite journée d'automne avec @j.acinthe ? #hiking #sutton #fall

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Distance From Montreal: 1 hour 23 minutes

Another popular skiing destination in the winter time, Mont Sutton makes for some great hiking in the fall. The hills here are the perfect height to hike up for perfect views of the surrounding forests, with their bright, golden leaves!

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