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10 Insane Superstitions Russian People Actually Believe

#2 Look at yourself in the mirror.
10 Insane Superstitions Russian People Actually Believe

Russian superstitions is something you have to get familiar with if you want to grasp the full depth of our mysterious culture. It doesn't matter how old we are - we will always believe in superstitions that we grow up with. You might think we're completely crazy and you're probably right. Can a normal person drink a full bottle of vodka and still look sober? No. We're insane. One thing is certain though, we're entertaining as fuck. So here are ten Russian superstitions that will really fascinate you, to say the least.

1. Never whistle indoors

If you whistle when you're inside a house, you're going to encounter serious financial issues. If you want to be rich, you're only allowed to whistle once you're outdoors.

2. Look at yourself in the mirror

If you leave your house and then realize that you forgot your wallet or something and you need to go back to get it - you have to absolutely look at yourself in the mirror and smile before leaving the house again. Otherwise, something bad might happen to you.

3. Don't sit at the corner of a table (unless you're already married)

If you sit at a corner of a table, you won't get married for the next seven years. So if you're a young girl who wants that ring on her finger, avoid table corners, okay?

4. Sit down before going on a journey

Before leaving on vacation, road trip or any other journey, everyone needs to sit down for a moment of silence. That way, the trip is guaranteed to be safe. It's also a great opportunity to reflect whether you've packed everything you needed for your journey.

5. Never put empty bottles on a table

Always put empty bottles of booze on the floor, never on a table. Empty bottles on a table can only mean one thing - bad luck, obviously.

6. Don't spill salt

If you spill salt, you're guaranteed to get into a heated argument with your family member. If you happen to spill salt and want to avoid getting into arguments with your relatives, spit over your left shoulder three times.

7. No premature "Happy birthday!" wishes

You can never wish a Russian person "Happy Birthday" before their actual birthday, because it's going to bring them bad luck.

8. Sit in between two people with the same name

If you sit in between two people who have the same name, make a wish! It will come true.

9. Don't give watches or knives as gifts

Never give a set of knives as a gift, because you'll become enemies with that person. If you get your significant other a watch, the two of you will break up.

10. If your palms itch...

When your left palm itches, you're going to make money in the nearest future. If your right palm itches, you're going to lose money.

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