10 Irresistible Restaurants That Define Montreal

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10 Irresistible Restaurants That Define Montreal

Montreal is definitely known for having a variety of FABULOUS restaurants that we literally just can't resist. Not only are these restaurants amazing, but they also define Montreal! So, to make your mouth water, I have decided to composes this list of the top defining restaurants in Montreal that we just can't get enough of.

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There are obviously thousands of restaurants in Montreal that we all love, but these are the top restaurants that you think of when a tourist asks you where to eat! If you think that I have missed any of your personal favorites then comment down below! This is 514% some of the most irresistible restaurants in all of Montreal that you need to check out this week.

1. You Can't Resist Bagel ETC

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4320 Boul St-Laurent

We Can't Resist Their: classic bagels with lox. I swear you will become obsessed! It’s all fresh and packed with smoked salmon to make your day extra special!


2. You Can't Resist Fabergé

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We Can't Resist Their: Chicken and waffle dish that will blow your mind!


3. You Can't Resist Dirty Dogs

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25 Avenue du Mont-Royal E

We Can't Resist Their: Mac and Cheese Poutine and to die for hot dogs!


4. You Can't Resist Satay Brother

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721 Notre Dame Ouest

We Can't Resist Their: Bao buns and Laksa! They sure do define Montreal's multiculturalism.


5. You Can't Resist Schwartz’s

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3895 Boul St-Laurent

We Can't Resist Their: Smoked meat sandwiches and poutines! A Montreal classic.


6. You Can't Resist St-Viateur Bagel Shop

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263 Rue Saint Viateur O

We Can't Resist Their: Fresh bagels every cold Montreal morning!


7. You Can't Resist Ma Poule Mouillee

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969 Rachel St E

We Can't Resist Their: Heavenly poutines than will make your heart melt.


8. You Can't Resist Cacao 70

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Multiple locations

We Can't Resist Their: Chocolate dishes that is every Montreal girls dreams come true!


9. You Can't Resist Mandy’s

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5033 Sherbooke Ouest // 201 Laurier Ouest // 2067 Crescent

We Can't Resist Their: Salad that is heaven in a bowl any day of the week!


10. You Can't Resist L’Gros Luxe

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Plateau | Mile End | Sud-Ouest

We Can't Resist Their: Cheap menus, tater-tot poutines, fried pickles, and Montreal classics!