10 Jobs In Canada That Can Never Be Taken Over By Robots

Don't worry though, Skynet isn't going to happen... probably.
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10 Jobs In Canada That Can Never Be Taken Over By Robots

In many global economies, one of the most feared prospects for the future of employment is automation. Robotic automation has transformed the workforce across the globe. Jobs in industries like manufacturing, transportation, and agriculture are increasingly at-risk as robotics become more sophisticated over time. 

If you work in those industries, you might've already experienced some of these effects. You shouldn't be totally worried as of yet because a complete robotic takeover will take many more years.

Still, though, 84% of Canadians feel that robots will take over much of the workforce in the next 50 years, according to the Pew Research Center. The same survey indicates that 80% of Canadians believe that people will have a harder time finding jobs due to automation. 

While it's true that much of the workforce could possibly be taken over by robots in the next 50 years, there are some jobs that robots simply won't be able to do.

Keep reading and maybe plan to change your field into some of these jobs? 

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TL;DR Worried about losing your job to a robot? While it probably won't happen anytime soon, you're right to be concerned. Some jobs, however, will always be safe from impending robotic doom. Here's which ones!

Robot Maintenance Worker 

You actually think they'll let robots repair robots? Get real, dude. That would be breaking all the three laws!

Average salary: $65,000 per year (side note: this is bound to increase as robots become more prevalent in the workforce)

Robotics Engineers 

Much like they won't allow robots to repair robots, they definitely won't allow robots to create robots. Talk about job security!

Average salary: up to $90,200 per year.

STEM Jobs 

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. It's unlikely that full-fledged automation will affect STEM jobs as most require human oversight.

Average salary: From $60,000 - $100,000 per year (depending on the field).


Ever seen one of those robot scripts that people put through a machine? While hilarious, they don't make any sense. Writers might not be valued in the global economy but it's a job that fuels literally every industry.

Average salary depends on the job and company.


While robots can easily learn a pattern and paint it beautifully, there's no substitute for the human element in art. Again, artists aren't super valued these days but graphic designers and interior designers fall under this field and thanks to them, you're able to Instagram that cute cafe you're at right now.

Safe jobs include choreographers, make-up artists, and set designers, according to Business Insider and NPR.

Average salary depends on the job and the company.


Musicians don't have to be international rockstars like the Beyonces of the world. Some create jingles for companies or curate soundtracks for your favourite videogame. No matter what, music is an undeniable part of everyone's life and is something that robots haven't been able to do.

The average salary can be anywhere from millions to barely affording a beer.

Psychiatrists and Therapists

There's a distinctly human element that's required when working in the field of psychology that robots cannot provide. You can't program empathy, folks.

Average salary: up to $172,000 per year.


A.I. and automation will certainly help dental professionals achieve better results, but when it comes to surgery and intricate dental work, machines cannot adequately replace human beings.

Average salary: up to $110,000 per year


Machines help surgeons perform better under stressful circumstances, that's for sure, but the skills required simply can't be learned by a machine. There's a huge empathy factor when it comes to this profession as well that cannot be discounted.

Average salary: up to $120,000 – $250,000 per year, depending on your practice.

Teachers and Professors 

Robots definitely won't be programmed to educate children or teach in higher education settings, so don't worry. Even though some teachers and professors feel like the classroom is becoming too digital, automation will never creep into your industry, so relax and let us use our laptops, please.

Average salary: $58,000 per year for high school teachers, $90,000 for post-secondary professors.

Thinking of changing your career yet? Maybe you should so you can avoid the impending robot apocalypse.

But who knows, maybe I'm overreacting?

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