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10 Jobs You'll Want To Avoid This Summer In Montreal

The worst aspects of your summer job.
10 Jobs You'll Want To Avoid This Summer In Montreal

To make the most out of summer, you're going to need some funding, and it's about time you stopped asking your parents for cash every time you want to do something fun.

Many employers are looking for seasonal workers as summer fast approaches, mostly in the occupations below. Here's what you should be prepared for:

1. Fast Food

The hours won't be atrocious, but you'll be way more prone to pimples and every customer will pretty much treat you like an idiot just for working at a fast food joint. Seeing behind the scenes of how your favourite burgers and fries are made is never a good idea either.

2. Babysitting

Watching kids may seem like an easy gig, and it can be, just not when you're saddled with demon spawn from the pits of hell. You could luck out with a nice set of children, only the types of families who employ regularly paid babysitters tend to be pretty well-off, which means spoiled kids are a likely, and continuous, work hazard.

3. Pool Cleaner

Sounds easy enough, and you'll be able to swim in all the pools all summer long, right? Well, in reality, it ends up just being raking leaves and dead rats out of a swimming pool you'll never get to jump in yourself.

4. Retail

Unless you absolutely LOVE folding clothes (0% of the population) then you're going to find retail pretty tedious. Not to mention the fact that most customers don't want your help anyway, you're going to be stuck doing a lot of standing around and re-folding the same sweater 100 times.

5. Office Job

The best part about summer is good weather and tons of fun in the sun outdoors. When you're slaving away in a cubicle for 8 hours a day at a boring office job, you'll be getting none of that, and screen savers don't count.

6. Bartender

Sounds like the coolest gig ever, and it can be, but since summer in Montreal means tons of tourists and festivals, you'll likely be working every night of the weekend, meaning less time to truly enjoy the summer. You're sleep schedule will get messed up to, so expect to become nocturnal and miss out on the summer sun completely.

7. Landscaping

On the reverse side of things is a construction/landscaping jobs, which gives plenty of sun, at the cost of incredibly early mornings and intense physical labour. As soon as you're done for the day you'll be completely exhausted, and since you have to wake up at 5am the next day, you won't be able to go out anyway.

8. Unpaid Internship

While some internship positions actually give you some great real-world experience (*cough* MTL Blog *cough*), there are plenty others where you'll be nothing but a glorified delivery person, bringing coffees and lunches to the higher-ups...and you won't even be getting paid.

9. Summer School

Learning, in the summer!? Blasphemy. Don't think we even need to go into how rough this will be, but tends to be a last resort for students who can't find summer work and don't want to 'waste' their summer. Be prepared and don't let this happen to you.

10. Funemployment

Sure, 'fun' is in the word, but the actual ramifications of funemployment (i.e. being unemployed) are anything but amusing. Some of the best parts of summer require at least some funds, and without a job, expect a lot of bored lounging around while you're employed friends enjoy Montreal's many festivals and summer activities.

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