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10 Kick-Ass Bars You Would Go To With Your Friends If They Were In Montreal

You will want to grab a drink at these spots.
10 Kick-Ass Bars You Would Go To With Your Friends If They Were In Montreal

Photo Cred - destinationdesignblog

Montreal sure has its load of cool bars but we, at MTL Blog Events, decided to push things up a notch and find the nicest bars Montreal should have implemented in the city as soon as possible.

It is a known fact our nightlife here in Montreal is amazing, but we sure think the city can pursue new ideas and find ways to attract even more tourists and unique venues for our locals. Read on to find out what bars the city really needs.

The Aquarium Bar

Many cities worldwide have aquarium bars. It would be great to see this happen in Montreal. An open view on beautiful water animals would create an absolutely insane atmosphere to grab a drink. Let's just make sure the glass does not explode during the cold Montreal winter! Where are our investors?

The Secret Location Bar

A well-known concept, but yet to be practiced (to our knowledge) in Montreal. Very exclusive and private, the secret location concept makes the bar's reputation and image seem elite and exclusive, as well as a lot of fun for attendees, of course. If you know one in Montreal, tell us!

The Tree-Bar

A concept which would be absolutely amazing in Montreal during the summer. Mont-Royal has its very own set of beautiful and big trees to make this happen. What better way to grab a drink than on the top of a tree, sitting on a solid branch, with a view on Montreal's skyline!

The Bookstore Bar

You like to drink? You like to read? Why not both? A bookstore bar would combine both your love for books and alcohol. What better way to enjoy a book than with a well-prepared rum&coke?

Photo Cred - Red Visitor

The Church Bar

How many of you guys go to the church? Well the number might increase one day due to the creation of a bar inside a church. They are spacious, beautiful and, mostly, clean. Praise the lord with a martini.

The Medieval Bar

How do you get properly drunk? The old timey way with huge pitchers and themed music for your medieval enjoyment! Why do we not already have that in Montreal to honor our past francophone warriors?

The Gotham City Bar

They have it in Brooklyn and it looks AMAZING. To honor the series, grab a glass while being surrounded by cartoon characters who influenced your childhood, such a nice way to spend your night out, don't you think?

The Safe House Bar

Where would you go in a zombie apocalypse? Grab a drink of course! No, but seriously, wouldn't it be nice to have in Montreal downtown a bar where you can grab a drink accompanied by your fellow zombie friends in a creepy, but cozy, environment? The answer is yes.

The Studio-Bar

How insane is this concept? Grab a drink, take professional pictures in a bar filled with expert equipment, even produce your own beats or open deck mixing by attendees! Such a cool idea!

Photo Cred - The Temple Bar Pub

The Beer Garden

They have it all over Europe and people come from all over the world travel to see it. Beer gardens are famous for low prices and heavy quantities of beer, amazing atmosphere and lovely sights. Where is our beer garden, Montreal?

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