7 “Lucky” Montreal Spots To Bring Your Side Chick So That You Don’t Get Caught

7 “Lucky” Montreal Spots To Bring Your Side Chick So That You Don’t Get Caught

You know, your friends with benefit, casual hook up, woe, girl you're seeing, all terms to define someone that you're having a sexual encounter with, but not necessarily dating publicly. This could also work if you just started seeing someone and want to keep it more on the DL so that your friends and family don't start bombarding you with questions like: when's the wedding?! when it's your second date.

So, where do you bring someone you want to enjoy an evening with, but without running into everyone you know? It's getting harder in this city, since all the low key places, turned into the new hip go-to bars. These places have THE best ambiance for a romantic evening, and prove that there's still a couple hidden gems in the city, if you're willing to do some research... Or simply read along.

Photo Creds - Radio Canada

1. Bily Kun

Hip meets jazzy fizzle. The decor includes mounted ostriches, and they serve Czech beer, plus they've got live jazz & classical music.

354 Ave Mont Royal E

Photo Creds - O'Noir

2. O'Noir

124 Prince Arthur E

Since no one can see you. Perfect setting to stay incognito.

Photo Creds - Yelp

3. Saint Sushi Bar

424 Duluth St

Where the saints come to sin. It's located on the corner of Duluth and Mont Royal. It's the perfect place to bring a low key date because it's intimate, and always busy. You'll never catch someone you know there... If you do, they're probably sinning too.

Photo Creds - Montreal Addicts

4. Le 4e Mur

Location TBA

This place is so low key, the address remains unknown. (Unless you subscribe to their newsletter).


Photo Creds - Canadian Business

5. Big In Japan

4175 Boul. St Laurent

You've heard about it/been there before, but it remains a hidden spot. It feels like a magical secret club, and unless you're looking for it- it stays hidden with no sign of life outside of its grey metal doors.

Photo Creds -A La Mode Montreal

6. Le Bar Sans Nom

5295 Ave. Parc

This place is perfect to go on a date without being seen. It's located on Parc Avenue, and has no sign or name, for its location. It's just that bar that you know of because you've been referred or you happen to walk by it and felt the need to check it out. The ambiance is sexy, lights are dimmed and perfectly intimate for a tête à tête.

Photo Creds - Satellite Magazine

7. Dominion Square Taverne

1243 Rue Metcalfe

Located right off of St Catherine Street. It's always packed, the restaurant is so deep in length, that there's a slim chance you'll be caught out. Plus the lights are dimmed, making it a warm atmosphere.

And if you've already done all of the above, you can always rent a limo and drive around the city... The windows are usually tinted, and some drivers might even let you drink!

And incase you still didn't get it, IT'S A JOKE. But the restaurants are good.

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