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10 Mac & Cheese Foodgasms You Need To Put In And Around Your Mouth

Mac & cheese taken to all new levels of amazing.
10 Mac & Cheese Foodgasms You Need To Put In And Around Your Mouth

Just when you thought you couldn`t possibly eat another box of mac and cheese, we bring you more cheesy recipes. From the healthiest to the tastiest recipes, we`ve got you covered. This list will change up your meals, because let`s face it ; Mac and cheese is pretty much the only thing on the menu during these exam weeks. Try these recipes and hang in there; there`s only a few more days or weeks (for the unlucky ones) left untill you can go back to your parent`s house and eat your favorite home made food.

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 Mac & Cheese Sushi

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When two cultures come together, the results are delicious. Okay, so maybe that doesn't apply to all cultural-combos (looking at you tex-mex spring rolls) but Mac & Cheese sushi is the great culinary fusions, possible ever. Who needs rice when you got cheesy macaroni? Sub in wasabi for the obviously superior Sriracha and you have the latest and greatest addition to any All-U-Can-Eat sushi spot.

 Mac & Cheese Bacon Pumpkin Casserole

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Don't get weirded out by eating pumpkin in anything other than a pie. Pumpkin does savory super well, and is a hearty and nutritious addition to mac & cheese that also adds a huge burst of slightly sweet flavour. Balance out any health benefits with the grease and smoky flavour of bacon and you have a brand new flavour game on the classic M&C.

Mac & Cheese Ham Panini

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Eating with your hands is always more fun, and the Mac & Cheese Ham Panini lets you throw off the shackles of utensils and gorge out like a caveman (or cavewoman). Not exactly the most classy imagery, but just try and politely eat this panini. The double whammy of flavour from M&C and the equally classic ham and cheese will make sure you inhale this super sandwich.

Mac & Cheese Nuggets

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Dipping makes everything better, and so does a quick deep-fry, and with Mac & Cheese nuggets you get the flavour blast of both. Batons of M&C are lightly battered, thrown in the deep fryer, and become crispy on the outside and deliciously oozey on the inside nuggets of comfort food. Dip in whatever you like, but Sriracha is obviously your best bet.

Mac & Cheese French Onion Soup

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Fancify your mac & cheese by fusing it with French Onion Soup. You're going to put a thick brick of cheesy bread on top of your FOS anyway, so you mine as well add macaroni to the mix. What was once a classic soup is recreated into the ultimate cheese dish.

Mac & Cheese Egg Rolls

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Okay, sowe already hated on Tex-Mex spring rolls, but that doesn't mean Mac & Cheese spring rolls wouldn't be the greatest appetizer ever. Think about it: a light, crispy, and flaky exterior reveals soft and chewy (and cheese) macaroni as soon as you bite in, with a long string of cheese trailing along from roll to your mouth as you complete your bite. Again, dip in Sriracha for full deliciousness.

Mac & Cheese Cupcake Bites

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Not only are cupcakes the trendiest of desserts, they also lend well to savory creations. This portable version of typically plated (or bowled) M&C will ensure you will always get your cheese fix, no matter where you are. The cupcake holders make for a no-mess snack, so the M&C cupcake bite may be the most functional and tasty dish on this list.

Mac & Cheese Barbecue Sandwich

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Here we go, now we're on to the good stuff. And by good, we mean meaty. BBQ pulled anything would be friggen epic with some Mac & Cheese, and putting it between bread adds another layers of carbs, and therefore tastiness. A man/woman-wich if we ever saw one.

 Mac & Cheese Vegetable Bites

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To even things out, here's a mac and cheese creation for the health-conscious and vegetarians among us. Veggies get a bad rap, because when put in M&C, any type of produce goes from being 'healthy' to straight up delicious. Broccoli absorbs the gooey mess of cheese awesomely, and red pepper creates a sweet dimension to these portable delights.

Mac & Cheese Pizza

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And the best for last, the Mac & Cheese Pizza, otherwise known as the ultimate drunk food, or munch-out meal. How do you improve a dish based on carbs and cheese? Combine it with another dish based on carbs and cheese. That's science we can get behind. Get a frozen pizza and a box of KD at your corner dep for a low class (but still delicious at 3am) version of this delicacy.

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