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10 Make Up Tips That Will Put Kylie Jenner To Shame

#8 will save your life.
10 Make Up Tips That Will Put Kylie Jenner To Shame

I was at a gala the other week, and met Elizabeth D'Amico - Montreal's renowned make up artist. I couldn't help but notice how systematic she was from applying my moisturizer, to the finishing powder. While she was doing the smokey eye look on me, I started bombarding her with 21 questions on the technicalities of applying make up - the right way.

Some of the tips she gave me, were so obvious and yet I forget to do them myself. So, I've decided to put together a list of tips so that we can all remember to look and feel our best, all the time.

1. Hydrate & moisturize.

The dynamic duo. Okay so this is a two in one, but nothing makes your face glow like drinking eight glasses of water a day and moisturizing day and night, especially in colder weather.

2. Lash game on point.

Curl those lashes, essential in making eyes look bigger and lashes look longer. Curl first then add mascara, if you curl after mascara you risk breaking your lashes, so think of mascara as a hairspray.

3. Prime, prime, prime.

I can’t say it enough, my favorite product is Urban Decay Primer Potion eyeshadow primer, it makes sure your shadow creasproof and the colors really pop.

4. Pale liner in the waterline.

Notice I didn’t say white liner. Eyes get red rimmed when we’re tired, so pop on a very pale liner in the waterline to look refreshed and awake.

5. Colour correct.

Not enough people do this, instead of covering dark circles and redness grab a color correcting palette (the Lise Watier one is aweome) and neutralize those colors before covering them up (peachy will neutralize dark circles and a green hue will get rid of that redness).

6. Fill in your brows.

#Eyebrowsonfleek. There is a lucky 10% of people ( that we are very jealous of) that don’t need to do this. Think of eyebrows like the frame to a painting, that painting is still beautiful but the frame brings it to life.

7. Highlight & contour.

The right way. Lines on your face from your contour is not attractive. Lightly dust some contour under your cheekbones and under your neck (yes, your neck) in order to achieve a beautifuly and naturally sculpted face. Don’t forget to add a highlighter where the light would naturally hit, unless it’s New Year’s Eve, I like to keep it glowy not sparkly. I’m obsessed with the Dual Intensity Blush from NARS in Jubilation!

8. Exfoliate

Your lips. I like to use coconut oil and sugar and gently rub in circles to chase off flaky lips, remove with a damp cloth and voila! A beautiful canvas for your favorite lip color.

9. Clean your makeup brushes

Very important! Not your typical beauty tip, but doing this on a weekly basis will make sure you aren’t transferring oils from your skin, to your brushes back to your skin. Not only will it avoid nasty breakouts, but you avoid ruining your favorite powder to boot.

10. The red lip

Nothing says confidence like a perfect red lip. It’s my favorite way to add some life to my face, a gorgeous pop of red, perfectly natural groomed brows and lashes as long as the list of desserts I want to eat…classic and polished.

Elizabeth D'Amico is a make up artist from Montreal. She offers on location services for special events. She does home visits, or you can visit her in her studio for a makeup application. She is ah-mazing!

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