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10 Montreal Bars Close To University Campuses To Drink At In Between Final Exams

A few beers during the day never hurt anyone.
10 Montreal Bars Close To University Campuses To Drink At In Between Final Exams

Photo cred - Renato Sosua

As students all over Montreal struggle to survive this brutal period of time known as finals, we often turn to delicious, hot coffee for help.

There's a small group of us - really, the smart ones - who know that we need more than coffee to make it through. We need alcoholWe need to de-stress, take a break, have some shots, and so on.

We've put together a list of awesome, student-friendly (and sometimes unconventional) places for you to check out during this horrible and stressful period of your life.

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Tabasco  Bar

Where: 5414 Gatineau

Campus: Université de Montréal

This place has everything you need to unwind after a horrible final exam - food, drinks, music, pool tables. Three floors of awesome - a resto/bar, a nightclub and a billiard hall. It's affordable, a lot of fun, and a favorite among UdeM students. Check out their $15 pitchers, shooter specials and delicious tex-mex food!


Foufounes Electriques

Where: 87 Rue Sainte-Catherine Est

Campus: UQAM

Fouf's is the pretty much the holy grail of student bars. There's always something going on, beer is practically free (it's not actually free, but it's so cheap, it may as well be) and the crowd is always having a good time. This is the spot to check out in the evening, when you're sick and tired of studying. As any Montrealer knows, Fouf's never, ever disappoints.


ACE Grill & Bar

Where: 420 Rue Sherbrooke Ouest

Campus: McGill University

It may surprise you to think of this bar as a go-to stop for university students, but the laid-back vibe, well-priced menu and proximity to the school makes it ideal. This spot is great because you can easily find a seat a little away from everyone else, to study quietly, or you can join a group of friends for some drinks. Their terrace is also pretty key - perfect for people-watching.


La Station des Sports

Where: 2051, rue Sainte-Catherine

Campus: Concordia University

Everyone who is anyone in Montreal should know about Sports Station's awesomely affordable (thus incredibly student friendly) gigantic 4L pitchers of beer priced at only $18. Share it with friends or just drown your exam woes in four litres of cheap and delicious beer. If you're lucky enough to have the sun out when your exam is all over with, Sports Station also has a two huge patios to enjoy the weather. Beer + sun = no school stress.


Pub McCarold's

Where: 5400 Cotes-des-Neiges

Campus: Université de Montréal

This pub is well-known among the UdeM crowd, since it's pretty much right in the center of it all. Probably one of the best aspects of this place are the two terraces. McCarold's is usually packed for happy hour, which is always a good sign, and we're a big fan of their drink specials. According to their website, they have 26 beers on tap and a great selection of scotch - anyone up for an evening of taste-testing their selection?



Where: 1606 Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest

Campus: Concordia University

Now, don't look so surprised - you walk by this place every day, you know you've always wanted to go inside and see what it's like. Here's our advice to you: check it out. You will not regret it. They have bowling, pool tables and virtual golf. Win. Not to mention the fact that, during happy hour, pints are $4 and pitchers are $12. Did we die due to the stress of finals and go to heaven? Because it sure feels like it.


Carlos and Pepe's

Where: 1420 Peel

Campus: McGill University

What self-respecting McGill student doesn't know about this place and its awesome bar on the second floor - newly renovated, by the way. Where else can you get a giant margarita for dirt cheap? Sip on one of these, as you review your notes. We promise, it'll put you in the right mindset to ace your exam (so you can get it over with) and get ready for summer! Getting hungry? Hi, you're surrounded by delicious Mexican food at student-friendly prices - nachos and fajitas for all!


Pub Cock n'Bull

Where: 1944 Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest

Campus: Concordia University

Never judge a bar by its cover, trust us. Look past the sketchy exterior and we promise you'll find a pretty cool spot to hang out with your friends and have a few beers. Yes, it is still a dive bar (you know, sticky floors, that beer smell), but a really cool one! Delicious pub food, unbelievable prices on drinks - this is the best bar for any Concordia student to just run into for a 'quick drink' during finals. It might even help if you made this your study spot - cheap beer, live shows and good food can't be that distracting, right?


Peel Pub

Where: 1196 Peel

Campus: McGill & Concordia University

In between two universities, for maximum student population, is Peel street's most notable bar, and for good reason. Not only does Peel Pub have a good amount of seating, solid bar food (with daily deals), and tons of TVs, but the bar also boasts some great drink specials, like the notorious $1 shooter night on Thursday. Get there early because students flock to Peel Pub when they get thirsty on Thursday for the crazy cheap mini-shots. The mix of sugar and alcohol will make you forget any and all things school-related.


University Bars

Did you think we were going to forget these? The university bars are at the top of our list for several reasons, but mostly because, they're on campus. Barely any effort is needed to get there, they're always cheap, the music is at a perfect level for studying during the day and partying at night, and you're surrounded by people who understand exactly what you're going through.

Whether it's Reggie's (Concordia University, and temporarily closed :(), Gerts (McGill University), La Brunante (UdeM) or Pub 100 Genies (ETS), you know that you're guaranteed to have an amazing, stress-free time as soon as you walk in.

What are your favorite bars to hit up during finals?

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