10 Montreal Bars Where Tony Stark Would Go For Many Drinks

It would be a great adventure to cheers this Avenger.
10 Montreal Bars Where Tony Stark Would Go For Many Drinks

We all know the most famous billionaire playboy in the world: Tony Stark.

 It's true that Tony Stark keeps busy saving the world as Iron Man. We can also say the guy loves to party. Poor Pepper Potts!

If there's a city where Tony Stark would have endless fun, it's Montreal. We would often see a drunk Iron Man wandering around Montreal, no doubt about it. He would throw huge parties at his mansion and end up breaking a lot of stuff, that's for sure.

He would also enjoy our party-animal spirit and get drunk.  Very drunk. Let's hope the hangovers won't keep him from his duty of protecting the innocent and cracking wise.

Here are the 10 Places Where Tony Stark Would Go For Drinks In Montreal.

1. Dieu Du Ciel

Tony Stark would go absolutely crazy with Dieu du Ciel's 17 different beer styles on tap at a time. At first the Iron Man would try to hide his identity, but he wouldn't be able to help himself. Mile End, plus amazing beer, is an explosive combination. We would probably see Tony Stark tripping over his feet on Laurier Avenue, calling out for Pepper Potts.

2. Terrasses Bonsecours

One of the sexiest terrasses in Old Montreal would be the perfect place to find Tony Stark having some drinks. The Terrasses Bonsecours is a cool, fancy terrasse and would turn into a fun, crazy place once Tony finishes his 7th glass of sangria. He would put on his Iron Man armour and fly, fly high on the sky. We love our reckless superhero, don't we?

3. Chez Parée

You don't have to be a fan to know how much Tony Stark loves being among beautiful women. Especially when they are dancing, naked. He would have a blast at Chez Parée, one of the best stripclubs in Montreal. He would go on stage and start dancing with the girls after some tequila shots. No doubt about this one. The music would be loud, all the girls would be around him and the Police would probably need to interfere. Just another typical night for the Iron Man.

4. Stogies

Mr. Stark loves his alcohol and appreciates his cigars. He would enjoy relaxing at Stogies, our cigar lounge on Crescent Street, the heart of Downtown Montreal. At first it would be a chill night for the party-animal superhero, but after some martinis and whiskeys he would certainly find a way to party, hard. It would certainly be easy, due to the amount of bars and nightclubs we have on Crescent. I can already imagine a huge party, everybody on the street. It's Tony Stark, for Christ's sake! He would probably hire a thousand people and make a huge event.

5. Buonanotte

Tony Stark would make good use of Buonanotte. He would have a good and fancy meal during the day, and party like there's no tomorrow at night. The invincible Iron Man would be paying drinks for everyone and getting drunk while standing on the bar. All the girls screaming his name, absolute madness. Even Happy Hogan would score at this one. Both friends together, having fun and getting drunk on the Plateau. No superhero, no driver. Just friends having a good time in Montreal.

6. Helm

A microbrasserie is the perfect place to hide from the crowd and have some quiet drinks to begin the night. Tony Stark would definitely enjoy getting drunk at Helm and eating some of their delicious snacks. Mile End would never be the same after these first "quiet" drinks. You know Tony and you know that putting "Stark" and "quiet" in the same sentence is something impossible to achieve.

7. Sky Club

The Village is one of the best places in Montreal to have fun. Can you imagine what the Iron Man would do over there? Sky Club is a place he would definitely go to. The first order would be the 4L Sangria they have. After that he would probably put on his armour and start dancing with the beautiful Drag Queens. Happy Hogan would have to stop him from wearing a wig. It would be a night to remember, for sure.

8. Big In Japan-Bar

The Big In Japan-Bar is a hidden treasure we have in Montreal and Tony Stark would certainly wanna go there. Candle lights and large hanging whiskey racks are always irresistible. Especially when it's not a super crowed place. Even Tony Stark needs to get drunk and relax sometimes. He would want to take Pepper Potts there, too. It would be a drunk and romantic night for our superhero in Montreal.

9. Pullman

Pullman is one of the best Wine Bars we have in Montreal. Tony Stark would be delighted with the variety of wine and glamour this place has. Talk about sophisticated! It would be a classy way to get drunk at Avenue Du Parc. Tony Stark would probably call Happy Hogan and drive with him around the city. Getting drunk on wine makes you feel romantic and poetic, right? There's no better place for that then Montreal. I'm guessing he would want to see Pepper Potts again, too.

10. The Sparrow

Tony Stark would absolutely enjoy The Sparrow and their dirty gin martini. After a long day, getting drunk and relaxing on cozy sofas wouldn't be that bad, right? The guy needs some rest. It must be exhausting flying around with that heavy armour. We have some great cozy bars in Montreal and The Sparrow is one of them. Tony would be pleased, comfortable and drunk.

→ Bonus!


We all have watched "The Avengers" and we all know how our dear Iron Man wanted to try some Shawarma after he almost got killed. He wouldn't have any trouble finding very good Shawarma in Montreal. We have amazing Lebanese restaurants, especially Downtown. One of them is the Boustan. Tony Stark would probably eat a lot of these after getting drunk so many times.

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