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10 Montreal Bars You Should 100% Bring A First Date To

Let the drinks flow and induce the love glow.

Photo cred - L'Gros Luxe

If your meeting up someone for the first time (whether it be through Tinder/Badoo/ the grocery store, work etc.)  going for drinks is the Olde Fashioned way to go ;)

Having drinks first is a definitely a good buffer to feel out your date. Do you get along? Are they really who they said they'd be? Are you feeling comfortable, or is there that "NO" feeling?

If it's all going swell then grab dinner afterward. If not, then you have an easy out, ask the BFF to call you and instead of having to sit there bored to tears for an hour, just finish your drink and gtfo.

It's easy, there’s nothing on the line here, it's just  a few drinks. All you have to do is act like a normal, functioning human being. (which shouldn't be too hard, though it might be for some people...)

Click here for 10 Montreal Bars You Should 100% Bring A First Date To >


3581 St. Laurent

  • Rustic, hispter décor & urban jungle atmosphere
  • Up-scale yet casual
  • Pub-style menu revamped
  • Beer at $4
  • Day drinking or for brunch
  • Rosemary fries... delicious finger foods
  • Drinks: Try Brooklyn's Finest and their Olde Fashioned
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L'Gros Luxe

3807 St-André (Plateau)

150 Bernard Ouest (Mile End)

  • Extremely relax and fresh ambiance
  • Home to Montreal's most creative Bloody Ceasars
  • An affordable menu that caters to vegetarians and us normal folk
  • A choice place to have many drinks before going out on the town
  • Deep friend avocados and a poutine grilled cheese that will blow your mind
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417 rue St-Pierre

  • Inviting high-end Japanese brasserie
  • After 11:30 becomes a night club
  • Great original vibe
  • Intimate seating
  • Drinks: Try the Zen Budda, the Deep Clover Leaf, & the Strawberry to Budda (spiritual drinks that will toward a more enlightened evening)
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Industria Brasserie Italienne

100 Rue Peel

  • Romantic Italian tapas bar & restaurant
  • Right behind New City Gas
  • Vast open windows on the second floor overlooking downtown
  • AMAZING food & cocktails. Fresh. Mouth-watering goodness. (Big Mac Pizza)
  • Reasonably priced
  • 10$ pasta/pizza dishes after 10pm
  • Drinks: Try Pompeii and Berlusconi
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Big In Japan-BAR

4175 St. Laurent

  • Sketchy front door but inside is gorgeous
  • Come here for the atmosphere and the experience
  • It's a sexy place lit up by candles
  • Absolutely perfect for a date.
  • Servers wear tuxedo uniforms (penguins!)
  • Extensive selection of snacks & cocktails
  • Drinks: Try the Bourbon Lemonade & the "Umeshu" (plum whiskey)
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425 Rue Mayor

  • Cozy & relaxed atmosphere
  • Classy, candle lit with glass tables
  • Electro Jazz/ throwback songs
  • Terrace surrounded by a herb garden (pro-tip: add extra cherry tomatoes to your salad and more basil to your Basil & Lime Gimlet)
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1476 Crescent

  • New rooftop terrace hot spot!
  • Intimate terrace with a breathtaking view
  • Two for one drinks during 5 à 7.
  • Chic Tapas lounge/restaurant
  • Extensive wine list
  • Great place for drinks
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115 Laurier Ouest

  • Bar-macie... ahem pharmacy
  • Pharmacy themed menu, all the medication is alcohol based (right on)
  • Back-terrace, wedged in the middle of the building
  • Casual, trendy joint
  • Noise level is perfect
  • Crowd is laid back & fun
  • Romantic glow of lights
  • Electro-rock music
  • Drinks: Try Le Pharmacien & the Lionel
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Ye Olde Orchard

Multiple locations

  • Casual drink spot
  • Festive environment
  • Quiet in the early evening hours
  • Hello "hot wings" & Fish n' Chips
  • Waiters wear kilts
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Jardin Nelson

407 Place Jacques Cartier

  • Elegant and charming
  • Summer Sangrias (Melon, Lychee, Tropical Blue)
  • Courtyard style, ceiling-less!
  • Live jazz bands
  • Ultimate date night ambiance
  • Great place to sit n' talk
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Méchant Boeuf

124 Rue Saint Paul Ouest

  • Posh & swanky vibe
  • Wicked live music
  • Throwback music that'll make you both want to dance like awkward teens
  • Great food, very generous portions
  • Drinks: Try the Raspberry Mojito
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1134 Avenue du Mont Royal Est

  • Rum bar. Yup
  • Super exclusive terrasse in the back
  • Trip-hop / jazzy music
  • Delicious menu of about 10 different tapas plates you can order from
  • Excellent candle lighting and atmosphere that naturally makes you put down your guard
  • Those drinks hit hard, you might end up closer to him/her faster than expected
  • Drinks: Try the Mojitos, TRUST
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