10 Montreal Boroughs And What They Would Be Like As High School Kids

Each one of them is a brain, an athlete, a basket case, a princess, and a criminal.
10 Montreal Boroughs And What They Would Be Like As High School Kids

It's easy to get a sense of any of Montreal's neighbourhoods just by spending a bit of time in one. But imagining what they'd be like if they attended high school together takes a little more work. Thankfully, we here at MTL Blog have done the heavy lifting, and we're happy to share the fruits of our labour with you. Here are ten of our favourite neighbourhoods in Montreal, and what they'd be like as high school kids.

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The McGill Ghetto

The Ghetto is the dude throwing wild keggers every weekend in his massive house. His parents are both high-ranking corporate executives, and they’re constantly away on business, giving him free rein to party as he pleases. You wouldn’t think he has the time to study with all of the drinking he does, but the rumour is he’s heading to Harvard in the fall. His dad probably bought him a spot in their freshman class.


The Plateau is definitely quieter than her flashier friend the Ghetto, but she’s hiding some killer good looks under those huge glasses and baggy sweatpants. She generally prefers reading a book or writing in her notebook to attending the Ghetto’s epic bashes, but he’s able to convince her to let loose every once in a while. Everyone’s sure that the two of them will hook up at least once before he leaves for university.


NDG is a bit scrawny and weird-looking, but you’ll see that he’s a sweet kid if you just give him a chance. You better be prepared to play hours of D&D and Magic cards if you actually want to hang out with him, but he’ll be one of the most honest friends you can find. He often finds himself being the butt of jokes, but rest of the school doesn’t realize what they’re missing out on.

Old Port

The Old Port isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, but her family’s money has bought her a cushy life. Even though she’s not very friendly to most people, and she hasn’t been known to have anything particularly interesting to say, her prom dress still managed to be the main topic of conversation amongst students for quite some time. Her main hobby is pretending to be NDG’s girlfriend to get a laugh out of her “friends.”

South Shore

The South Shore has one thing on his mind—getting as high as possible. Classes, girls, and any sort of preparation for adult life mean less to him than his all-important quest to get his hands on the finest bud he can find. He started dealing for a bit, so he was at least making money, but then he smoked everything he had planned to sell.


Westmount is willing to do whatever it takes to succeed. She runs the drama club, edits the yearbook, and is class president. If that weren’t enough, she’s also got the best GPA in her grade. She comes from a family of high-powered lawyers, and she’s clearly hoping to follow in their footsteps. Westmount always has a smile on her face, but secretly you always thought it was one of those phony politician smirks.

North Shore

The North Shore won’t stop bragging about that dime he hooked up with last summer, but everyone suspects he’s full of shit. Even still, he’s managed to convince a group of followers to pal around with him, and he seems to be happy with his life. He’ll probably have to own up to the weak-hearted flake he really is one day, but who’s going to stop him from having a good time?

Mile End

Wherever you find the Mile End, you can bet she’s reading Vice or catching up on the latest episode of Girls. Once she graduates, she’s planning to take some time off to go backpacking in Asia, and she’s also hoping to learn more about Buddhism along the way. She’d tell you about her favourite band, but you probably haven’t heard of it.

West Island

The West Island doesn’t come from much, but everyone knows he’s going to make the most of himself. His wardrobe seems to consist entirely of tank tops and jeans, and as a result his huge muscles are always on display. He’s not going to go around looking for a fight, but you certainly wouldn’t want to be the one to piss him off. It’ll be worth your while to be friends with him, because everyone knows he’s one of the most loyal kids in school.


Simply put, Griffintown is a class act. He gets straight As, but that doesn’t stop him from reading poetry and volunteering at a homeless shelter in his spare time. He smokes cigarettes, but only if they’re cloves. If you want to date him, you should probably start listening to Miles Davis.

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