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10 Montreal Businesses That Accept Bitcoin

A new age of ways to pay for things is upon us.
10 Montreal Businesses That Accept Bitcoin

Bitcoin, the online currency, is slowly becoming a worldwide phenomenon. We've certainly felt the presence of Bitcoin here in Montreal, with more and more businesses and organizations jumping on the Bitcoin bandwagon.

Only a few months ago, Montreal's Bitcoin Embassy opened it's doors, and the momentum has only been increasing. Montreal will soon get it's own Bitcoin ATM, has already hosted multiple meet-ups and conferences, and is looking to be a major testing ground and trendsetter for the digital currency.

Don't lag behind the times. More than a few businesses in Montreal have already recognized Bitcoin as a currency, with many more to come as the trend catches on. Start it out now and click on to get a basic lowdown on Bitcoin, and where you can use it in Montreal!

Click here for 10 Montreal Businesses That Accept Bitcoin >

Want something, or anything, printed on a Tshirt of your own design? That's the basic concept behind , the Montreal-based printing service that does all types of clothing, not just tees. Order online and get a custom-made shirt shipped to your homestead, using Bitcoin instead of your credit card, of course.Everyone wants a onesie, and getting your whole body all snuggly is a whole lot easier thanks to Bitcoin-friendly Kigurumi. Not your average onsie, kigurumi (rough translation: 'wearing stuffed toy') are hilariously cute with tons of adorable animal and character designs. They also have a very colourful .

Montreal Poutine

161 St Paul St E

Five days ago Montreal Poutine made waves for announcing it will be exchanging poutine for Bitcoins. The first restaurant to do so in the city, Montreal Poutine is the perfect place to try out the new service in the comforting context of poutine. For a look into how the paying process works, take a look at this Montrealer's experience.


4518 Rue Saint-Denis

Espadrilles are traditional Spanish footwear, and not only is this Montreal store the first 'alpargaterías' (espadrille store) in North America, it is also one of the first retailers to adopt Bitcoin. Go in store or shop online with Bitcoin and put some Spanish spring in your step.



Red Rhino Recordings

1180 St-Antoine West

Montreal musicians will be pleased to know that the newly opened Red Rhino Recordings, a music recording studio dessigned to meet the needs of any musician in any musical endeavor, fully accepts Bitcoin. Get jamming and recording that much quicker.

Maxim Sport Code

3621 Rue Ontario E

Don't drop bills for your new runners or, just use Bitcoin. You can pay for all of your sporting wear with Bicoin at Maxim Sports Code , letting you get to the gym (or just rep your favourite team) that much quicker.

Joya Bistro

138 Boulevard Labelle, Rosemere

Technically this Italian eatery is off of the island, but we included Joya Bistro for the fact that it's the only other restaurant to offer Bitcoin as a payment option. Enjoy a traditional Italian meal, then get modern with it at the end when you pay for the bill in Bitcoins.


3485 boul. St-Laurent

Bylls is an online service that pays your bills for you. Not that exciting, I know, but still super convenient, and it's hugely innovative for allowing users to pay their fees using Bitcoins. Through Bylls you can pay your hyrdo, heating, and phone bill all in one fell Bitcoin-swoop.


2150 Avenue Mont-Royal E

You know we live in the future when you can pay for your cellphone and computer repairs using only your cellphone or computer. Which, would be difficult if you need them repaired...well, regardless, the option is there. Celltek does all sorts of repairs, unlocks phones, and sells accessories, all in exchange for Bitcoins.

Voxel Factory

Tech junkies will be happy to know that Voxel Factory, the first 3D printing material supplier in Montreal, accepts Bitcoins for any product. Voxel has a huge list of electronics, hardware, tools, and printing materials, all easily purchased online with your Bitcoins.

For more info on all things Bitcoin, here are some helpful links:

Bitcoin Embassy - Montreal's resource for all things Bitcoin, with FAQs, workshops, and more.

CoinMap.Org - Find businesses that accept Bitcoins wherever you are.

CoinScout - a free iPhone-only app that will locate nearby Bitcoin-friendly businesses.

UseBitcoins.Info - A categorized listing of Bitcoin-friendly businesses

Where will you be using your Bitcoins?

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