10 Montreal Chocolate Desserts To Warm You Up This Winter

Melting in and around your mouth.
10 Montreal Chocolate Desserts To Warm You Up This Winter

If you haven't noticed, it's cold outside. Like verycold. And while we Montrealers are a pretty tough bunch, it doesn't mean it's okay. Now the best way to forget about old Jack Frost, and more importantly, stay toasty this season, is obviously a healthy dose of warm, delicious, chocolaty treats!

Luckily, Montreal offers a variety of amazing spots that fit the bill, but if you are looking for something a little more next level than a standard hot chocolate, you gotta try C’ChoColat on Bishop Street. This new dessert spot offers an extensive sweet menu, including a whole range of chocktails (chocolate coacktails), savoury crepes, waffles, gelato and revamped classics like chocolat soufflé and tiramisu.

#10 - C’nuts Hot Chocolate

Almond Flavoured Milk hot chocolate, toped with marshmallows and diced almonds.

#9 - Hazelnut Dream

Belgian waffle topped with milk chocolate, Nutella cream and delicious caramelized hazelnuts.

#8 - Crepe Sushi

Inspired by the beauty and simplicity of sushi, these sweet crepe rolls will thrill your eyes while they romance your tongue. Each piece is a perfect bite of flavour and texture - and because sushi is traditionally a finger food, we won’t judge you if you eat it with your hands.

#7 - Fondue “Candy Shop”

Inspired by playground games and just pure whimsy, this plate includes a few fun favourites. Rice Krispies, Oreos, Pretzels, chocolate pearls, marshmallows, caramelized banana and fresh strawberries. All served with your own grill and choice of dark, milk, or white chocolate fondue.

#6 - C’Royal

Dark hot chocolate, Cognac, and Grand Marnier. Garnished with orange zest.

#5 - S’mores

Melt-in-your-mouth S’mores & crackers that will transport you right back to good times around the camp fire.

#4 - C’ChoColat

Strawberries, bananas and your choice of chocolate or Nutella. Simply perfection.

#3 - Chocolate Soufflé

You can’t buy happiness, but this comes close. Deep chocolate flavour with a gloriously gooey center. Served with our in house gelato and melted dark, milk, or white chocolate. Perfection takes time - please allow ten minutes extra for preparation.

#2 - C’ChoColat Pizza

Italians have a fabulous international reputation as master chocolatiers since the 1720s. What better way to celebrate this than by marrying chocolate with their other great invention, pizza. A favourite for sharing!

#1 - C'Wow

70% dark chocolate dome filled with pieces of delicious Liege waffle, brownie, gelato, crumble, mixed berries, and pecans. Topped with warm caramel sauce to melt the dome.

C’ChoColat also serves up unique cocktails, wine and beer, and are open lateon weekends, unlike most other dessert places in the city. So whether you're looking for weekday lunch or light dinner, a study session with friends, or a little weekend pick-me-up, feast your eyes on these 10 chocolate treats guaranteed to melt your heart this winter.

Check out C’ChoColat's website, Facebook Page and Instagram for complete menu.