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10 Montreal Coffee Shops You Should Go To At Least Once In Your Life

Because they all have something really special about them.
10 Montreal Coffee Shops You Should Go To At Least Once In Your Life

Coffee shops don't have to be such a bore, especially not in Montreal. With the ever changing Café scene, there is no doubt that Montreal is the hot spot for unique and entertaining coffee shops. With coffee shops that serve your latte with a side of live music, shopping, art making and pet workshops, your coffee break will never be the same again. Discover the many one of kind café concepts all over Montreal that will have you rethinking how you drink your coffee.

1. Myriade Club Monaco

1000 Sainte Catherine Street West

Café Myriade, known for their exquisite coffee at their two popular locations, one in the Mile End and the other near Concordia University have recently opened their newest and coolest location yet. Teaming up with Club Monaco, Café Myriade Monaco is located directly inside the trendy shop on Sainte-Catherine Street. Their new location brings the Montreal café scene to a whole new level, allowing Montrealers to be served coffee by professionally trained baristas while shopping.

2. Café Castel

1015 Sherbrooke West

Your morning coffee run doesn't have to be a hassle or a bore, not with Cafe Castel! Located directly inside the Best Western, Ville-Marie Hotel, this coffee shop is open to all. If you want your latte experience to be a unique one, Café Castel has that covered with their amazing latte art. With the order of a latte, customers receive a surprise as they could find a dragon, cat, face, flower or lion design in their drink. With their fairly priced coffees and the element of surprise for the latte art, Café Castel will have you ordering one cup after the other!

3. Le Cajibi

5490 boul St. Laurent

In the heart of the Mile End you can discover Cagibi, a café and concert venue that is catered to your entertainment. Separated into two locals, Cagibi hosts events with local musicians, artists and performers in one and offers a calm and comfortable atmosphere to enjoy a cup of coffee in the other. The rock-band meets coffee addicted hipster fusion is perfect for all coffee and music loving Montrealers.

4. Café Parvis

433 Mayor

This gem of a café has your taste bud needs covered. With a savory and fairly priced menu to go perfectly with a fresh latte, your tiny taste buddies will undoubtedly be thanking you. This trendy spot is great for catching up with friends and enjoying a cup of coffee on their outdoor terrace in the summer. In the midst of the Montreal traffic scene, their peaceful and cozy terrace will give you the break you need.

5. Kafein Café Bar

1429 Rue Bishop

Kafein Café Bar is the perfect spot for friends to get together during the day or evening. Their delicious Kafein sure Glace or Espresso Strawberry Honey Smoothie is the perfect day-time refreshment. Turn it up a notch with an espresso to keep you pumped for a late night in the lower floor lounge area. You can be entertained by a DJ, Jazz night or even poetry and art events while sipping your coffee.

6. Blanc de Blanc

248 Rue Villeneuve O

Blanc de Blanc is a unique concept that combines your household chores with the luxury of enjoying a coffee in a beautifully decorated venue. Both a laundromat and coffee shop, this truly one of a kind venue will take your multi-tasking skills to a whole new level. Order a coffee, a sit down meal or even shop from a selection of organic soaps, all while doing your laundry. As the weather warms up, you can enjoy your coffee outside on their lovely garden terrace while your laundry runs.

8. Céramic Café Studio

4338 St-Denis

A great place for a date or an outing with friends, Ceramic Café Studio is a diverse venue. A café-restaurant, boutique and ceramic studio franchise, visit any one of their four locations- Montreal, Greenfield Park, Laval and Quebec for a great time guaranteed. With so many ceramic objects to choose from like dishes, bowls, coffee mugs, figurines and sculptures, you’re guaranteed to have a laugh while enjoying your cup of coffee.

Photo cred - Jip EDR

9. CaféClub Sociale

180 Rue Saint Viateur O

This coffee shop will have your craving satisfied. Why just have a coffee when you can have sports and entertainment at the same time? Café Club Sociale is your Montreal go to spot to catch any sports game while being guaranteed an authentic and quality cup of coffee. Whether its a cold coffee, a warm latte, an espresso or cappuccino, just a single sip has Montrealers becoming religiously devoted to this venue for their sit down coffee break.

Photo cred - Le Milieu on Facebook

10. Le Milieu

1251 Rue Robin

This multipurpose café offers you your coffee alongside their delicious organic and vegan menu. With so much to do at this venue, your coffee break will definitely be a great one. In a very hipster and inviting environment, all coffee shop customers are invited to get creative and make some art free of charge. With so many materials and workshops to choose from, you'll definitely want to put your coffee down to participate.

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