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10 Montreal Made Donuts To Eat On National Donut Day

Donut > Doughnut.
10 Montreal Made Donuts To Eat On National Donut Day

Photo cred - Elsa

So apparently the first Friday of June is national donut day, a tradition that's been going on since 1938, according to Wikipedia. We're not arguing, because a day devoted to donut is a good thing to us. And yes, we will be using the Lard Lad spelling of "donut" throughout this article.

To celebrate, eat some donuts, duh. You could download a donut-finding app like Doughbot or the website Donut Stop Believing, but we've got your back covered with the must-devour donuts of Montreal. Read on and do the donut.

1. Léché Dessert's PB & J Donut

If this was a donut duel, I'd be surprised if Léché Dessert's didn't come out on top...which is probably why I placed them first on the list. A light and airy dough based is filled with a fresh raspberry jelly AND a peanut butter mousse, and topped with roasted peanuts for some crunch. Your childhood fave is done up donut-style in a big way at Léché.

2. Chez Boris' Russian Donuts

Maybe a little too hip for some (it is in the Mile End, after all) but Chez Boris is worth the trip for their Russian-style donuts. Renowned in Montreal for a reason, their small, crispy, yet still fluffy donuts live up to the legend. For more intense folks, try out their donut-sandwiches, which is a Paula Deen style sammie with donuts instead of bread. Or they're mothertruckin' donut poutine...mmmmmmmm donut poutine.

3. Cafe Sardine's Daily Donuts

I miss the days when the MTL Blog office was a stone's throw away from Cafe Sardine, and I could grab my morning coffee and be amazed at the creative concoctions the staff at Cafe Sardine had made that day. Every day is a little bit different, with some staples found regularly, like their cinnamon-sugar donut, a simple but satisfying choice any day of the week.

4. Les Beignes Saint Donut's Maple-Bourbon Bacon Donut

Although Saint Donut doesn't have its own establishment, that doesn't stop the gourmet donut business from supplying cafes around the city (like Art Java or Plume) with decadent donuts. Saint Donut takes flavour combinations to the next level, and it was hard to single out one in particular, until the bacon factor came into play. Sweet, smokey, and (best of all) bacon-y, you should get on mackin' on this before you have a second to think about your diet.

5. La Cornetteria's Cronetto

We all remember last year's cronut-crazy, and thankfully La Cornetteria brought the trend over MTL-side, with their own version, the Cronetto. A croissant-donut combo (so basically a deep fried and circular croissant) that is filled with cream and given a sugar glaze, the cronetto is your ticket to donut-decadence.

6. Che Churro's Chocolate-filled Churro

For some Latin flair on national donut day, head to Che Churro where they make the meanest churro in Montreal, as the name would suggest. Churros are a deep-fried, choux pastry-based fritter rolled in sugar + cinnamon normally filled with dulce de leche chocolate. Che Churro's chocolate version is a nice variation, because, well, chocolate.

7. Wawel Patisserie's Prune Donut

With a sign that read's "The Best Donuts In The World," Wawel Patisserie better live up to its own bold claim. Thankfully, this Polish bakery in Jean-Talon isn't just making silly statements for no reason. All their baked goods are on the highest tier of tasty, and don't be turned off by the idea of a prune-based donut. Slightly tart, with just enough sweet, Wawel proves prunes aren't just for old people who need their fiber.

8. Boulangerie Samos' Maple Donut

If you're hungry, like, can eat a small child-level hungry, then Samos may be the only place to end your hunger pangs with their gigantic donuts. Big in size and flavour, Samos doesn't mess around in the donut-game. Go for the maple-glazed for a little bit of patriotism on national donut day.

9. Sweet Lee's Savoury Brioche

Okay, technically not a donut, but Sweet Lee's savoury brioche comes close enough. Airy, dense, round, and filled with dem delicious carbs, the savoury brioche still has all of the donut-necessities without actually being a donut, which is enough for me. Flavoured with cheese and various spices (like Montreal steak spice!) you can eat one of these for lunch and not feel like a sugar addict.

10. Tim Horton's Birthday Cake Donut

Only a fool would miss out on Tim Horton's free donut day, the Canadian coffee chain's promotional celebration for their 50th anniversary. Okay, a little harsh, but you should never miss any "free food day" and especially not when the item being given out is a birthday cake donut. Filled with funfetti (those rainbow sprinkles that somehow make things more delicious) the b-day donut tastes exactly like a boxed vanilla-rainbow cake, in the best way possible. Thankfully Tims is extending the lifespan on these bad boys, but not for long, so get 'em while they're in stock.

What donut will you be eating?

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