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10 Montreal Fashion Photographers You Need To Follow On Instagram Right Now

These shots are pure fire!
10 Montreal Fashion Photographers You Need To Follow On Instagram Right Now

Montreal has the fashion game beat in Canada. 

I mean, sure there's Toronto too, but the locals in Montreal's fashion scene are stunning - it's no wonder the men and women of Montreal are considered to be some of the hottest in Canada. 

If there is one thing Montreal does right, it's fashion. 

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I spend a decent amount of time poking around Facebook and Instagram, enamored by the incredible fashion and fashion photography happening all the time in this wonderful city. 

So, if you want to stay in the know on trends, or support local photographers and models, or if you're like me and just want to get lost staring at all the beautiful people, then this list is for you!

Here are 10 incredible fashion photographers you need to start following on Instagram right now!

Maya Fuhr

One of the only photographers I know of in Montreal who uses 35mm film often. She has been featured in multiple magazines and shot huge names, one of which is Montreal's own drag kid extraordinaire Lactatia for Paper Magazine.

Yannick Alain Gauthier

@yagfotoembedded via

This guy has a real special eye behind the lens. You should follow all his work. He is also the man behind Montreal based talent agency, L'agencecinqunquatre.

Viktoria Li

Stunning glamour shots and incredible outfits are awaiting your Instagram likes over on Viktoria Li's social media. Every shot boasts a beautiful display of colour and glamour. She's also a make-up artist!

Michelle Gagne

A little more on the wild side, Michelle Gagne is clearly a multi-faceted photography artist. Often in her own photo sets, Michelle will keep you craving more of her work with every post.

Mauve et Aurora

A team of two, this Instagram channel will deliver high-class glamour and editorial fashion each and every time.

Philippe Daaboul

Radiant beauty is the name of the game here! Honestly, some of these shots feel lifted directly out of Rihanna's amazing Fenty Beauty ad campaign. Philippe delivers a glowing radiance so well, and some of my favourite shots of his incorporate some trippy effects making them just that much more perfect, like this one.

 Stacy Lee 

@stacyleephotoembedded via

Stacy Lee is coming up in Montreal real fast. I was just introduced to this local photographer and to say that I was impressed is a major understatement. These shots are gorgeous, and they will surely be delivering more flawless beauty all the time, so go follow them.

Johan Jansson

Striking images that tell a story and seduce the senses with timeless beauty. Go follow him. You're welcome.

Duane D Isaac

@duanediembedded via

First Nations Mi'gmaq artist Duane D Isaac makes my list or his diverse portfolio of men and women from all types of nationalities and gender identities. Go follow him!

These are just a few of Montreal's fashion photographers that are killing it on Instagram, right now.

This is in no way a ranking of who's better - these idividuals all have talent to the nines!

If you like this type of content, follow these artists and share this blog with all your friends so they follow too! If you do that, I can promise you more and more of it in the near future.

As always, don't forget to support local artists in Montreal!

Thanks for making my social media more fierce, every day!

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