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10 Montreal Iconic Food And Marijuana Combos

The food you need after you smoke weed.
10 Montreal Iconic Food And Marijuana Combos

Two things Montreal does well is weed and food. We've got a hell of a food culture here, and a cannabis culture that is nearly on par. Go to tam-tams anytime during the summer and you'll know what I'm talking about.

Out in Colorado, where the green stuff is now legal, a sushi shop got the awesome idea to do a weed-food pairing, a way better version of the classic wine pairing.

Well, that got us to thinking. Montreal is known for good bud and good food, so we had to search (and smoke) to find the perfect combinations of Montreal munchies. See out list for the best of Montreal weed and food pairings.

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Poutine & Jack Herer

The champion of Montreal's food world, the poutine, can only be accompanied with a weed with equal infamy, the illustrious Jack Herer. The mental and physical energy boost given by the JH strain will perfectly offset the heaviness of the poutine, making sure you don't get couch locked by the sleep-inducing trifecta of fries, gravy, and cheese curds. Be sure to grab a few grams of Jack in preparation of Poutine Week.

Romados + Trainwreck

Romados is almost a high in itself. The delicious greasiness of the perfectly cooked Portuguese chicken slowly works its way all throughout your body to give you happy feels of munchie satisfaction. Combine the full-body Romados high with Trainwreck's, which similarly starts from your head then touches your toe's with a subtle euphoria.

Steamies & Headband

Quick, affordable, and utterly delicious, steamed hotdogs are the straight-to-the-point munchies of Montreal. Headband is much the same, giving you a raw head and body buzz with a very quick onset. Together, the two are the most efficient of munchies, giving you a quick high and quick eats.

Classic Brunch Combo & Lemon Drop

Hangovers call for an oversized plate of eggs, bacon, potatoes, and pancakes to give you all the energy to start your day off right. Waking and baking is a must after a night of heavy drinking, and Lemon Drop, a dominant sativa hybrid, makes for the perfect prep to your brunch. Get rid of your headache with a high that keeps you alert, hungry, ready to scarf down some brunch, and be fully energized for the day.

Smoked Meat & Grape God

Grape God is a hybrid indica type weed with a tangy aroma and a high that is potent, but creeps up on you as time goes on, just like a smoked meat sandwich. You can scarf down a piled high sandwich of smoked meat in no time, but it isn't until some time has passed, and the mass amounts of delicious meat have settled in your stomach do you really feel full. Combine the two, and you have the perfect combination of creeping high and fullness. Smoke, eat your sandwich, and when the high kicks in, you'll be pleasantly satisfied, and not overstuffed.

Montreal Bagel & Girl Scout Cookie

The Montreal bagel is a classic carb-filled snack that can be good anytime of the day or night, from breakfast to 2am. Slightly sweet, a bit nutty depending on if you take it sesame or poppy seed, with a smooth finish ('cuz you know your putting cream cheese on that shit), the Montreal bagel is the flavour mirror to the Girl Scout Cookie Strain. Much like a bagel, GSC has layers of flavours which start out sweet, then a tad sour, and ends with velvety undertones of cream and milk. An energetic head buzz, GSC will also give you the energy to work off those bagel-carbs.

Orange Julep & Pineapple Kush

Take in all the citrus magic of the fusion of an Orange Julep and Pineapple Kush. Both are incredibly tangy, fruity, yet still comfy and soothing. Orange Julep's unique blend of cream and OJ creates a smooth finish to the citrus-y beverage, much like Pineapple Kush's head calming high. Enjoy the two after a long day of work or a lazy weekend afternoon for the perfect effect.

Tourtière & Master Kush

Take a trip (get it?) back to a simpler time, when men wore plaid and chopped down trees with the combination of tourtière and Master Kush. Classic in every sense, tourtière evoke nostalgia for a simpler time, which is only heightened by the woody flavour and skunky smell of Master Kush. For a modern edge, try out an Australian meat pie.

Photo cred: Claudia Ficca

Southern BBQ & Chem Diesel

Anything from one of Montreal's epic BBQ joints (Diablos, Blackstrap) is an ode to the manliest of foods: straight up meat. Manliness is the central theme of the Smokehouse BBQ and Chem Diesel pairing, as the intense diesel smell of the bud will fuse with the meaty aroma to take you into a world of mechanic's garages, big rigs, and other stereotypes of manhood. Get your ass ready, because these two will have you eating ribs on your couch for hours.

Boustan & Kandy Kush

A sweet, yet skunky, indica strain, Kandy Kush is a smooth smoke which will get you ready to hit they hay after a long night of drinking. Just like the greasy goodness of Boustan. Pair a scrumptious shawarma with a jay of Kandy Kush at 3am, when you're ready to pass out after a night of heavy drinking.

What's your favourite Montreal munchies combo?

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