10 Montreal Internships You Can Get Right Now

Because how else will you get a minimum 3 years of experience?
10 Montreal Internships You Can Get Right Now

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If you're a student and not part of the 1%,  you're most likely drowning in debt. You've been sold the same fairy tale your entire life: go to school + study hard = amazing job. Studying for x amount of years does not equal the minimum 3-5 years experience. You've been left with a mountain of debt and most companies wouldn't let you pay them to work. The market is over saturated and you are entitled to nothing.

An entry level internship might be the only way to get your foot in the door. If you should be getting paid is another story, and fighting the system isn't going to give you 3 years experience.

Maybe it doesn't seem fair, but your internship doesn't have to suck. So here are 10 internships available right now in Montreal. 

 1. Translation Intern At Dynamite Group

Kaboom! If you are currently in a Translation program from English to French, Dynamite Group has the right spot for you.

You get to work in the head office in a fun and fashionable environment while being involved in any departments. This internship is from May 25th to August 14th, 2015.

Where are all the #BilingualFashionistas #whospeakFranGlish ?

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 2. Quality Engineering Summer Intern at Wirewerks

Wirewerks, located in Lachine, is specialized in the engineering and manufacturing of structured cabling systems and end-to-end solutions.

If you are in mechanical engineering and have 0-2 years of experience, Wirewerks has the right internship for you this summer. You will be responsible for direct examination of product to ensure that quality standards and procedures are realized.

Trust me it will be a flawless pick-up line this summer, "I am a quality engineer intern at Wirewerks, you know, that big North American company specializing in optical fiber products"

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 3. Backend iOS Intern At Zazz

Interested in the Nightlife Industry? Zazz, a social media platform, has exactly what you need.

Make sure no one Zzzzzz...

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 4. BCF Law Firm Internship

One of the biggest Bussiness Law Firm! If you are a Law Student,this firm situated downtown Montreal, always need interns during any school' session of the year. You have the options to be part-time or Full-Time.

Great opportunity to feel like Harvey Specter or Rachel Zane This Summer !

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 5. E-Commerce Intern At WANT Les Essentiels De La Vie

Just Have a look at the first picture that pops out in their website WANTessentiel Wow! Wouldn't you want to work for that high end luxury lifestyle brand because this internship WANTS you!

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 6. Community Management Intern At SweetIQ

Marketing, Public Relations and Communications; all those sweet enjoyable fields! SweetIQ wants you in their team for collaborating with the community and events manager to produce content.

Hmm Sounds like it'll be all about Sweeeet Stuff!

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 7. Finance & Accounting Summer Intern At Navut

Your role will be to assist with fund raising and investors relations, forecast and reporting, development and project management; well you know your stuff! Navut' Company, where your voice will be heard, has an internship for you this summer.

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 8. Graphic Design Summer Intern At PharmaScience

Instead of a cover letter, PharmaScience asks you those two following questions, along with your CV of course!

a) Tell us in a 100 words or less how would your best friend describe you?

b) Tell us in a 100 words or less how would your least favorite professor describe you?

You must be returning to school after the internship in a graphic design program or related domain and have 0-2 years of experience. You will be starting by May 11th 2015.

These two questions describe a bit the co-workers you will be surrounded with!

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 9. IT Architecture Intern At PSP Investments

One of Canada's largest investments managers; they just invest funds for the pension plans of the Public Service, the Canadian Forces, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Reserve Force...No Biggie! Another Pick-up line this summer?

This summer 2015, they want an IT Architecture to participate in the development and evolution of their applications.

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 10. Farm To Fork Summer Intern At Provender

Deeply passionate about Food/Agriculture as well as devoted to the idea of sustainability and a better world, Farm To Fuu..c.. oups Fork has the greatest internship for you this summer.

They want...Sweet, sweet skills as a home cook/baker!

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