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10 Montreal Made Cheesecakes That Will Make You Scream "For Goodness Sakes"

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Oh, delicious cheesecake. So rich in taste and fluffy in texture. Sweet dreams are made of these. For many it is the go to dessert. For good. For bad. For ugly. It is the ultimate comfort dessert. Good on any occasion, for any season, for any time really. Whatever the reason, like usual, Montreal is there to serve you up a tasty slice (or two) of this delectable treat. Here’s a sweet list of ten places to check around the city. Ready, set, fork!

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Who would have thunk that a popular vegan restaurant would serve up a delicious cheesecake? But they do! Most come here for the Dragon bol. What they really should be coming here for is the gateau faux-mage. Yes, that’s right. Their uncheesecake is to die for.Start spreading the news! We’re eating cheesecake today! Okay so it might not be New York, but that's certainly its style. How could you go wrong with flavors like Ferrero Rocher or Reese’s Peanut Butter cup? Definitely a casual environment where you can share some good times over some good pie.So technically this one is cheating since it’s a cupcake, but when it comes to dessert, doing something bad for you is actually good. How could we not reference a cheesecake flavored cupcake? Is it not the best of two worlds? The answer to life is not 42, my friends.Like their website quotes: “une journée sans chocolat est une journée sans soleil.” As Montrealers since we don’t get that many sunny days, we must make up for it in chocolate. And by chocolate, we mean in the form of white chocolate raspberry cheesecake. Does that not sound sinfully divine?Did somebody say fried cheesecake? Ya we did! Food trucks were the talk of the town this summer. What better way to celebrate the summer season (or what’s left of it) than with something deep fried and oozing with sweet flavor? Lime? Lemon? Caramel? Whatever your flavor try anything offered on the menu.There is traditional and satisfying cheesecake to be had over here. MmmMmm good. Try the wild raspberry and chocolate cheesecake. Or what about the crème brulée? Whatever they’re offering on the menu it’s definitely worth sticking a fork into it!Typically one would venture over here for a soft yet flaky almond croissant or perhaps a full on breakfast. But if no one told you about their chocolate swirl cheesecake, we’re telling you now! Not too sweet or heavy, but just right.A guilty pleasure if there ever was one. These mousse cheesecakes truly hit the spot. Might not be the sexiest atmosphere, but boy do they make good pie. Only $20.95 for a whole one. You may want to indulge. Toblerone or Oreo? Decisions, decisions.Yes, this is a post about cheesecakes. However, cheesecake flavors totally count if they’re exceptional and when they come in doughnut form.Desserts are all refined sugar-free and are all vegan. You’d never know your cheesecake is actually made with macadamia and cashew nut purée. But they are and they are no less good than the real thing. Blueberry cheesecake anyone? Yes, please!

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