10 Montreal Made Snack Foods To Eat While Studying For Midterms

So that you're not just living off of coffee and Red Bull.
10 Montreal Made Snack Foods To Eat While Studying For Midterms

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Your brain needs fuel to function. No matter how much work you need to get done, your stomach comes first.

To keep your mind and belly happy here’s a list of some of Montreal’s finest choices for study snacks. These will provide you with minimal noise, mess, and odor but maximum tastiness and plenty of jealousy from people sitting nearby.

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Montreal Bagels

263 Saint Viateur Ouest or 74 Fairmount Ouest

The battle for the best Montreal bagel is still raging on. St-Viateur or Fairmount? Whatever your choice, these bagels make a great library snack. Throw on some cream cheese and wrap it up to reward yourself when your brain starts getting hungry.

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Joe’s Panini

1404 Drummond

The late night Panini is perfect for the exam time munchies and, open 24hrs, Joe’s Panini is the stop for a break from the bibliothèque. When your hands start shaking from malnourishment, take a deep breath, run out the door, and prepare yourself for a delicious meal. Halfway between Station McGill and Guy-Concordia, this place is a necessary stop over for a much needed and portable meal.

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Portuguese Egg Custard Pastries

115 Rachel Est

If you live near the Portuguese district, you probably know how great egg custard pastries are. You can pick up some of these miniature pies full of creamy goodness at just about any of the areas bakeries and enjoy them later. Find them at Romados when you don’t cook dinner again this evening.

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Samosas are synonymous with student food. These things are literally everywhere and they’re very cheap, filling, and delicious. A personal favorite is Thali on Rue Marc over by Concordia and you can find them all over McGill campus. There’s even a twitter account dedicated to helping McGill students locate their next fix.

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Savory Chinese Buns

Guy-Concordia Metro or 85 Rue de la Gauchetière Ouest

If you find yourself in Chinatown or near Concordia campus and craving something a little savory, try finding one of the many Chinese style bakeries to grab a quick, portable, and relatively clean bite. You can find Cocobun in the Guy-Concordia metro or Patisserie Harmonie down in Chinatown. As Cocobun’s website puts it “To the uninitiated, Chinese pastries may seem overwhelmingly confusing.” But to those who have given them a try, they’re pretty great.

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Trou de Beigne Donuts


Don’t feel like leaving the library? You could call up the local donut delivery service, Trou de Beigne. But keep in mind you have to order by 1pm the previous day for a minimum of a dozen of these killer pastries. If you’re feeling ambitious you can tackle them yourself, otherwise these would make a perfect group study treat!

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Nut Booth at Atwater

138 Atwater

Delicious and nutritious. Nuts are high in energy and great for keeping you going full steam ahead. Down at the Atwater market you can find Les Noix du Marché, a great nut vendor with a variety of nutty flavors (ha!). They have spiced nuts, herby nuts, dessert nuts, beer nuts, and much more.

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Cupcakes from Les Glaceurs

1245 University

There’s a new les Glaceurs just below McGill on University! Perfect for a sugar rush of deliciousness, this homemade cupcake bakery serves as a viable alternative to real food. Plenty of awesome colors make up their wide variety of tastes. They will also deliver. An interesting proposition…

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Maple Delights

84 Saint Paul Est

If you need a study break, the weather is (kind of) nice! Take a walk down to the Old Port and stop in at Les Délice de L’Érable to pick up some maple products for later. They’ve got plenty of cookies, nuts, and candies. After all, this is Canada dammit! Grab a jar of maple syrup and throw it back to keep your blood sugar up or just take some maple candies to keep you busy back in the library.

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2020 Crescent

Located over by the Musée des Beaux-Arts, Boustan’s might be a little more nasally potent for library fare, but it will make the perfect treat for the hungry times. Grab one of those Styrofoam shells because Lebanese food is great. One review claims it’s “not just a drunk food stop.” Perfect! You probably aren’t drunk, so this will help you dream of the late night food that will accompany the joys of finishing exams. Keep up the good work.

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