10 Montreal Made Songs To Smoke A Joint To

Roll it, light it, hit play.
10 Montreal Made Songs To Smoke A Joint To

Emerging beatmakers keep popping up in Montreal like zits on a 14 year-old boy's face. The Piu Piu beat movement began right here in Montreal, and it's been taking off, inspiring all kinds of talent to hit the studio to create their own heavy-hitters. But the talent doesn't stop there; just like New York and the West Coast, Montreal has its own crews, and its own MC's that have been making this city's hip hop scene really stand out. So roll up that blunt, light it up and wave it high for all the Montreal homies out there.

1. Green Hypnotic - Glory

It just about says it in his name, Montreal's Green Hypnotic is all about the green; money, kush and otherwise. This talented MC takes his rapping seriously, and lighting up to one of his tracks is an honour in its own rights.

2. Blasé - All Around (Feat. Gabe 'Nandez, ENxVE)

Talking about Montreal beatmakers, Blasé has always stood out, but when he teams up with Gabe Nandez, it takes the track to whole new level. Montreal's own reincarnation of Biggie meets MF Doom, Nandez spits like he was born to do it. Keep a firm eye on this duo, as it shouldn't be long before they take the hip-hop world by storm.

3. The Posterz - The Bass Song

Nothing will make you want to roll up a fat one more than The Bass Song by The Posterz. This track has a hard-hitting beat that'll get your blood pumping and rhymes to chill your bones. It's fair to say pure Montreal talent is all around us, but The Posterz are making it all the more real.

4. The Celestics - Kill

The acclaimed duo of brothers Kevin (Kaytranada) and Louis-Phillipe (Louie P) Celestin have been making big moves lately around Montreal. With Kaytranada throwing down some of his best beats and Louie P with a straight mic takeover, this track has got it all! I can only imagine these two brothers in their childhood, wrecking hip hop mayhem around the house.

5. LaFamille - À La Vôtre (Jah Maaz X Mantis The Chief X Bkay )

Known as LaFamille, this rap collective of beatmakers and MC's share an eternal love for hip hop. With skilled lyricists Jah Maaz, Mantis the Chief, Bkay and beatmaker Lloyd, these boys have been holding down Montreal pretty hard, and have big things lined up for this year. Dig this tune? Check them out tonight, live at Le Belmont's Hip Hop Convention!

 6. Yung Gayance - Posse Cut (prod. High Klassified & Ruffsound)

A straight cut off Piu Piu Beat Tape Vol. 3, this track produced by High Klassified and Ruffsound features rap from the likes of Loe Pesci, Lary, Loud, Nox, Ogden, Eman, Jo RCA, and ST. In a smoky basement somewhere, with blunts in the air and liquor flowing, this verified banger will put the real in Montreal.

7. ST X LIAM - Fairmount Bagels

Rapping about fairmount bagels, I mean can you really get more Montrealer than that? Rapper ST and beatmaker Liam claim to be real cats, trolling the streets of Montreal for beer and bagels, and stating "I'm so Montreal I don't have to prove it ." Now there's something to smoke to, and fairmount bagels to satisfy those munchies, well that sounds pretty good right about meow... *now.

 8. Louie P x .nox x Green Hypnotic - Kids Get The Money (ALAIZ Remix)

The Celestic's Louie P, teaming up with .nox, Green Hypnotic and with production by ALAIZ on the beats, this tune makes everything feel pretty nice when you're on that good shit. With a smooth jazzy beat and impressive rhymes, it's got everything you've been looking for when it come to Montreal hip hop.

9. J.O The Corrupted - Reflexions (Prod. by Ski Beatz)

Producer Ski Beatz only compliments the fierce spitting by your very own J.O The Corrupted on this one. It's an epicly dope track, pushing the limits of Montreal hip hop to something vicious. Roll up to this one and watch as J.O makes his way through the Montreal hip hop jungle.

10. Backpacker Music - Basement

If you're looking for up-and-coming hip hop in Montreal, Backpacker is someone you definitely shouldn't sleep on. With the steez of a true champion and verses that are up there with the best of them, he's bringing that old school boom-bap style back to hip hop. Keep it real for Backpacker, as he makes his mark on Montreal music.

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