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10 Montreal Made Songs To Enjoy While Drinking On A Terrasse

Music always makes drinking better.

Let's set the scene for this playlist: you've just arrived to your favorite Montreal terrasse, you're surrounded by some good friends, and you've just ordered your first drink. What better way to really set the mood for your night out on the town than music made right here in Montreal?!

We have such a diverse music culture in the city, and no doubt there is a song for every kind of music lover created right here, in this place we call home. These 10 songs are not only by some great MTL acts; they are 100% feel good tracks to really set the mood for your evening. Terrasse drinking just might be one of our favorite pastimes in Montreal (sangria after work, anyone?!) and we've got the perfect playlist for you; from indie to electro, check out our top picks.

1. I Died So I Could Haunt You by Stars

Genre: Indie

Why you're drinking to the song: The electro/indie vibes will have you tapping your feet and bobbing your head in the first 30 seconds. Stars is just one of those bands that can put anyone in a good mood- the drinking on a terrasse definitely helps!

2. Passing Out Pieces by Mac DeMarco

Genre: Blue Wave/Indie Rock

Why you're drinking to the song: It just kind of seems like everything on Mac DeMarco's latest album 'Salad Days' was created to be enjoyed in the summer with a drink in your hand. 'Passing Out Pieces' has such a laid back, relaxed vibe to it, there was no doubt it had to be on this list.

3. Without a Map by Sam Roberts

Genre: Indie/Rock

Why you're drinking to the song: The title of this track is enough to throw all your worries away and prepare you for an adventurous night out with friends. Not too crazy, though. Terrasse drinking just feels right with Sam Roberts blending into the background of your evening.

4. Ready to Start by Arcade Fire

Genre: Indie/Rock

Why you're drinking to the song: The name of the song kind of says it all (Ready to Start... Drinking?!) but in all seriousness, this track off their critically acclaimed album 'The Suburbs' is a favorite and go-to for a feel good song. See also: Rococo off the same album! 

5. Mission Bell by Le Trouble

Genre: Rock

Why you're drinking to the song: This band is just getting started in Montreal, and this is the track you need to be listening to by them, without a doubt. You'll be the crazy person dancing around the terrasse with your glass of sangria because, damn, is it ever catchy (and fun!)

6. Just a Beat by Maridee

Genre: Future Soul/R&B

Why you're drinking to the song: Independent artist Maridee  creates such a unique blend of soul and R&B. This particular track keeps you guessing, but keeps you interested the whole way through. One thing's for sure while this is playing though; you are feeling really good, and this girl's voice is just so smooth.

7. Come Alive (ft. Toro Y Moi) by Chromeo

Genre: Electronic

Why you're drinking to the song: Chromeo's latest album 'White Women' is a great 2014 release leading into the summer months. The high energy tracks are perfect for a hot summer day; this particular song featuring Toro Y Moi is just one of many worth playing on a nice terrasse.

8. Drinking in L.A by Bran Van 3000 (JPOD and the Funk Hunters Remix)

Genre: Alt/Rock/Electronica

Why you're drinking to the song: This is probably the most classic feel-good Montreal song there ever was. You might not be in L.A, but you'll definitely be drinking and singing along when this is blaring  in the background!

9. Disco Volante by First You Get the Sugar

Genre: Rock

Why you're drinking to the song: These guys have a bit more of a rough, edgy sound to their music, with some seriously catchy melodies. Request this track if you're on a date and order another round of drinks- it's got that late night feeling to it!

10. Who You Are by Misstress Barbara

Genre: Pop/Dance

Why you're drinking to the song: Ladies, this song is going to make you want to get up out of your chair to enjoy that drink. It's fun, catchy, has cute lyrics, and it's the perfect way to get a night out really started with your girl friends.

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