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10 Montreal Made Songs To Hear Live At Least Once In Your Life

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Montreal is known to have an incredibly diverse music scene, and way too many great concerts for our own good. We're so fortunate to host talent from around the world, and witness some of music's greatest moments in this very city. We're also very lucky because some of those great musical moments? They're from our very own, homegrown talent. From rising artists in the underground scene to (yes, I'm about to say it) legends like Celine Dion, there is no shortage of great new songs to discover for the first time, especially in concert.

Our city has what feels like an infinite amount of artists you need to hear live at least once, so this list by no means exhaustive, but seriously, if you're from this fine town (or visiting it for that matter), make sure you make it out to these bands' shows at least once, and witness some great musical moments in the making!

1. Old Piano by The Franklin Electric

Genre: Alt/Folk/Pop

Why you should hear it live at least once: This up & coming Montreal band just released their stunning debut record 'This is How I Let You Down'. 'Old Piano' won them the Nashville songwriting competition, and after listening to it just once it's easy to see why. Also, very luckily, The Franklin Electric play their hometown quite often, so make sure you check them out!

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2. Call Me in the Afternoon by Half Moon Run

Genre: Indie/Rock/Folk

Why you should hear it live at least once: There's a reason Half Moon Run made it to the top 5 headlining artists at Osheaga 2014 on Sunday's lineup. They aren't just ridiculously talented; they put on a great show. They're well known for this specific song, which also happens to translate into a very beautiful, haunting live track.

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3. Human Heat by Sam Roberts Band

Genre: Indie/Rock

Why you should hear it live at least once: It seems like Sam Roberts has a song for every playlist we post, and there's a reason why. He represents Montreal well with his unparalleled songwriting abilities, and has been creating great music for well over a decade now. This could have easily been any one of his songs, and we can't wait to catch his set at Osheaga this year, too!

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4. Flume by Coeur de Pirate

Genre: Indie/Pop

Why you should hear it live at least once: Coeur de Pirate, otherwise known as Beatrice Martin, is one of our city's most talented female singer/songwriters by far. At just 24 years old, she is already known to have brought back French music to her generation here in Quebec. Although this particular track is English, the live version highlights Martin's talent on the piano as well as her very unique vocals.

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5. Fancy Footwork by Chromeo

Genre: Electrofunk/Disco/Synthpop

Why you should hear it live at least once: Realistically, you should hear Chromeo live at least once, if you're a Montrealer. Also if you're not. This track has such a great vibe live, but these guys put on a stellar show overall.

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6. Pretty Distractions by Motel Raphael

Genre: Indie/Pop

Why you should hear it live at least once: Currently known as Montreal's sweethearts, this lovely trio of ladies is about to drop their debut album 'Cable TV' and it is a fantastic blend of cute indie pop. 'Pretty Distractions' is a favorite, as it really highlights the melodies, lyrics, and vocals of overall sound that this band will become very well known for. Having heard the recorded version (and loved it), the live edition is a lovely rendition and absolutely worth checking them out for next time they play their hometown!

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7. Ghost Pressure by Wolf Parade

Genre: Indie/Post-Punk

Why you should hear it live at least once: Although Wolf Parade went on a hiatus a few years back, it is still considered 'indefinite' and there is still a chance Montreal will get to enjoy their music once again. If (when) they do come back and play this city, make sure you stick around for 'Ghost Pressure'. The track highlights just how versatile of a band Wolf Parade can be, blending indie with a punk/rock vibe too.

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8. Afterlife by Arcade Fire

Genre: Alternative/Indie

Why you should hear it live at least once: Arcade Fire have, without a doubt, become one of the greatest indie success stories out of Montreal, and have truly paved the way for all other bands in the genre that have come after them. Although each of their albums garner them a lot of criticism (particularly the latest, Reflektor) they remain an absolute must-see when they're in town. 'Afterlife' is a great track off 'Reflektor' and you won't want to miss it when the band performs here, FINALLY, in August!

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9. Le Moment by Joelle Saint-Pierre

Genre: Acoustic/Pop

Why you should hear it live at least once: You may not have heard of this French singer/songwriter yet, but she is a very talented up & coming musician from our lovely city, reminiscent of Coeur de Pirate, and making a big debut this summer at Osheaga. 'Le Moment' is one of her many beautiful songs, and translates so well into an acoustic live track.

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10. Set Fire to the Third Bar by Snow Patrol & Martha Wainwright

Genre: Alternative/Indie/Rock

Why you should hear it live at least once: Although Martha Wainwright has been making music for a very, very long time, this might, arguably, be the song that introduced her to an entirely new generation of music lovers. Lead singer of Snow Patrol, Gary Lightbody, has an unprecedented vocal range that matches Wainwright's in a way we've never heard before. They performed this song together several times when it was first released, and we'd love to see a special performance next time they're here!

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