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10 Montreal Made Songs To Kick Off Piknic Electronik To

Prepare your ears, Piknic is here.

Photo cred - Adrian Villagomez

Piknic Electronik is mere moments away from it's 2014 debut weekend, kicking off another season of electronic mayhem in Parc Jean Drapeau. Every year, Piknic seems to get bigger and better, and this year's lineup is full of all kinds of wonders in everything from trap to deep house to progressive. International sound maestros like Jamie XX, Cashmere Cat and Jimmy Edgar will be gracing the stage, but let's not forget the swarm of Montreal Dj's and producers that are billed throughout the summer as well. From the heat we've been seeing the past few days, word on the street says it's going to be a scorcher of a summer, so mark those sundays on the calendar and head over to Piknic.

1. Misstress Barbara - Sir G

Set to play on August 31, alongside Marciano and Jackie Spade, Misstress Barbara will be making your sunday afternoon a whole lot better with this tune. The relentless kick drum and lush builds make this song a classic for this year's Piknic.

2. Noo-Bap - 七 - どうということもない

Ask me what this song is actually called and I will probably refer you to a japanese dictionnary, but regardless the track is one to get you in the right mood for a great summer weekend. Hearing Noo-Bap blast his strange blend of hip hop fruit on May 25 alongside fellow Montrealer Tommy Kruise will really be something special.

3. TOMMY KRUISE - MusoNi - Shampoing Fortifiant (Tommy Kruise Remix)

Now here's a song to make you smile. When Tommy Kruise hits the Piknic stage on May 25, everything will go from up to down and sober to woozy. The beat on this track is something other-worldly and getting into the right mindset for this weekend's piknic is what this track will do for you.

4. Toboggan - Neopolitan

There are many ways to dance at Piknic. Some like to twerk, others like to girate, and still others like to ocillate. Whatever your preference, Toboggan is going to make your body move all over the place in intense excitement/relaxation when he hits the stage on June 8, alongside Bobmo and Matthias Zimmerman.

5. Spindeman - Music

It's time to get funky ladies and gentleman, and Spindeman is in the house to put you right into that funk groove you're craving. This lovingly catchy electo disco track will bring you to funky places you never thought imagineable at the Smirnoff Ice stage on September 1.

6. Poirier - What feat. Face-T

Hit that bass and drop it low. Poirier will be bringing those dancehall sounds to the Piknic stage on July 5, as thousands of Montrealers start grinding and daggering all over the place. Bring an umbrealla, it's going to get wet for this one.

7. Pomo - Aerobix

No matter what you're doing right now, a Pomo track will make your life feel 100000000x better. His sunny beats are the perfect soundtrack for a beautiful afternoon of drinking, dancing and smiling at Piknic. Catch him on September 1, alongside Cashmere Cat, and Montrealers Nick Wisdom and Dead Horse Beats.

8. NOTV - Keep Moving

Amidst all the deep house acts that will be playing Piknic this year, Montrealers NOTV of Mile End Records really stand out. Their underground beats will keep you uplifted and moving come July 20, when they set the stage ablaze.

9. Famelik - Closer

July 6 could not come any sooner, what with the knowledge that Montreal Dj/producer Famelik will be gracing us with his presence. With its intricate nature and pounding drum beat, the hip hop instrumental found below might change you forever. Don't miss out on Framelik on July 6, playing B2B with Noyl.

 10. Pharrell & Jay-Z - Frontin (CRi Remix)

Pharrell & Jay-Z are playing Piknic this year!!!!??? No... but Montreal's CRi is, and that's just as good. This remix of Frontin puts a delectable dance spin on the track, creating a whole new beast that will rattle the dance floor on September 14, when CRi joins Wyln, Ryan Playground, and Louie P up on stage.

Listen to the full playlist on MTL Blog's Soundcloud right here

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