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10 Montreal Made Songs To Make Out To

The sexiest sounds of the city.
10 Montreal Made Songs To Make Out To

Do you really need any excuse to make out? Unless you're a mega prude, or saving your lips for marriage, probably not. It's one of the natural luxuries of life, with no cost or special membership required, just two consenting people with a willingness to trade saliva. And, who knows, it can often lead to bigger and better things if the mood and the song is right. There's no bigger buzzkill than making out to the drone of your dishwasher so set the right mood with these perfect make out songs, all by Montreal artists.

1. Seoul - Stay With Us

You spotted her that first day of biology class and caught eyes for a second, but both looked away. You finally summon up the courage to ask her over for a study sesh, because you are currently "dying" with this bio homework. She explains cell theories to you, but all you can think about are her eyes. You ask if it's ok if you put on a song, "Stay With Us" is what you chose, and the rest is history.

2. High Klassified - Broken Elbows

You're at a dark club and you haven't made your move on anyone yet, and now it's starting to get late. Are you going home alone tonight? And then out of nowhere you spot that cutie from the beginning of the evening who was staring you down. "Broken Elbows" suddenly comes on, and you know exactly what you have to do.

3. AlunaGeorge - Kaleidoscope Love (Kaytranada Edition)

Your girl just got back from visiting her parents and you're picking her up from the airport. You just discovered this new Kaytranada remix so you play it for her. It's a warm summer night as you cruise down Santa Monica Blvd. (beautiful Decarie). She has so much to tell you, but neither of you are talking, so you pull into the back lot of a nearby dep, lower your seat down and turn up the volume.

4. Black Atlass - Jewels

Break-ups are hard, but when she/he comes back to you apartment to pick up their things, you know exactly what song to play for "one last round."

5. Dead Horse Beats - Sink (AtamOne/DHB/Frase)

You stumble home from drinks with Stacey, the bombshell from human resources. After a couple of old fashioned's, you settle down on your couch. You press play on your stereo and "Sink" is the first song that comes on... just your luck mate.

6. Fonkynson - In My Heart

You step into the club, decked from head to toe in purple and gold. The entire the club freezes and the spotlight hits you. You spot her immediately from across the dancefloor, point at her, pull a quick spin and shuffle your way over, pulling out your best moves as the Dj throws down the Fonkynson record. She grabs your gold medallion and pulls you in... the night is yours, my friend.

7. SUUNS - Edie's Dream

It's been raining all day, and you're stuck indoors, wearing your baggy Rugrats t-shirt. What else is there to do than chill under the covers and make out. Your boyfriend has been talking about this new band SUUNS all week, so why not make them the soundtrack to your afternoon.

8. Pomo - Gangdu feat. AstroLogical

You get her over to your swanky apartment after some light persuasion – time to pop a bottle of Remy Martin and sit out on the balcony. Your bring her inside, and after shutting you blinds you turn around and she's already made her way to your poofy comforter, and removed a generous amount of clothing, game time.

9. Nick Wisdom - Things ya do to me

Ever sat around on a comfy chair in your underwear, listening to some R Kelly, while your significant other struts around in front of you in a similar attire? I bet you have, you dirty scroundrel, and I bet you loved it. And then she sits on your lap and whispers some unpublishable thing in your ear. Unfortunately R Kelly isn't from Montreal, but Nick Wisdom's sultry beats are all you need.

10. Morbin - Lozenge

It's all come down to this. A classic love story. You left your wife for her and she abandoned her overbearing family for you. Then life drew you to separate parts of the world, but you called her every day. And then everyone she knows dies in a tragic car crash, and you ran through 6000 miles of ocean to get to her, and now you're both standing in the middle of a busy street in some big city and it's raining and then comes the single most legendary make out of your life.

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