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10 Montreal Made Songs To Pre-Drink To

Sounds to get you pumped up for partying.
10 Montreal Made Songs To Pre-Drink To

Mid-April, the sun is finally shining, and it's time to lock yourself up and hit the books? Hell no, exams don't start till next week, and tonight is still a Friday and tomorrow night is, yeah you guessed right, still a Saturday. So while you may be a bit concerned about getting an early start on your microeconomics studying, you should probably put it off and treat yourself to one last rager. So round up the boys and the girls, a solid stack of dixie cups, the pong balls and of course the tunes. With so many Montreal-made party tracks, it would be a sin not to go for one more night out. Whatever your style of pre-drink, we've got you covered.

1. Black Tiger Sex Machine - On The Run

You're sitting on the couch playing Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 with Dave and jamming out to the game's soundtrack on volume level 4. Suddenly, Chazz walks in wearing neon shit and blasting Black Tiger Sex Machine from a boombox. Who invited this guy anyway? Whatever, it's go time!

 2. Still Dre Ft. Snoop Dogg (Shash'u Remix)

Montreal's Shash'u said it himself: "I don't play beats, I bang beats!" Word up Shash'u, and you can be sure that anyone listening to the song ain't playing either. For when you're smoking blunts and pounding 40's before a night out, this is the track that you best be getting crunk to.

3. Adventure Club - Thunderclap

Adventure Club takes dubstep to a whole other level, and we're more than proud to call them Montrealers. You're already three beers deep and ready to kick it up a notch, Thunderclap is your song of choice. You might even see your bros wildin out at the other end of the pong table, saying shit like "bro, this is a straight up banger!"

4. Lunice & Angel Haze - Gimme That

"Crunkstep" is what Lunice calls his music, and if you ask me, that's pretty damn accurate. Angel Haze spits some violent wisdom over a hard-hitting hip hop beat courtesy of the one-and-only Lunice. Get some ladies over for this pre-drink, cause you'll probably be in full grind mode once this track gets played. Why wait for the club; move a couple couches, dim the lights, and you've got your very own dancefloor.

5. Paris & Simo vs. Jochen Miller - Flash

By the end of most pre-drinks, things usually start to pick up a little bit. At this point, you've gone from tipsy to full-on drunk and you and your pals are contemplating whether you even need to leave the house. Call up some more friends and throw on Paris & Simo and you've got yourself a full-on dance party.

6. The Celestics - Kill

Some people like to get shit-faced playing flip cup and taking down jager-bombs. Others like to sit out on a balcony looking out over the Montreal skyline, sipping on Henessy and listening to something funky. The Celestics are one of the most interesting rap projects out of Montreal, and would be the perfect soundtrack to your chilled-out predrink.

 7. RAGERS - Trouble

If you're into heavy-hitting trap beats and hard rock, you'll be super down with RAGERS, a Montreal group that fuses the two for a seamlessly raging effect. Think teeth-grinding, crunching on staples, throwing fists, a dark room, chemicals, toilet whisky, sweat, blood... and rage.

9. Botnek - I Know

You're on the final match of a long beer pong tournament and this one seems like it's never going to end. It's the sixth round of overtime and it seems like every time you catch a glimpse of the gold, they hit you right back. Both teams have one cup left and you're in rebuttal. Your partner already sank his, so you wind-up, and send it flying in a perfect arc formation. Time freezes for a moment... and then it lands, perfectly, in that beautiful red plastic cup. You're hoisted into the air, and crowned the evening's beer pong champ, you cry a little bit, and call your mom to tell her the good news, oh and Botnek is playing.

9. SNAILS x Kai Wachi - Hypnosis

You were asked to make a playlist for tonight's pre-drink, so you pull something together real quick and you're pretty jazzed about it. Half way through, your friend looks bored and unplugs your ipod. A wave of fury rushes over you, how could he!? And then SNAILS starts playing, and you're no longer upset. You say something like "Dude, what the f#$#@@$$$$$$$$$ is this!?" And he says "SNAILS, and he's from Montreal."

10. Vilify - Laced Up Mix

Here at MTL Blog, we always want you to get crunk and laced up, but apparently so does Vilify! Montreal's bass queen brings the heat on this mix with a full hour of trap, hip-hop and some genuine bass love to accompany your pre-drink. The alcohol is flowing, the air is smoky and there's all kinds of beautiful people in the room, what more could you ask for.

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