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10 Montreal Made Songs To Road Trip To

Sexy summer sounds.
10 Montreal Made Songs To Road Trip To

There are really only three things you need for a perfect road trip: good friends, a reliable vehicle, and a killer playlist. And if you're really trying to make it memorable, a bag of Ms. Vicky's originals. However, you should probably stop whatever you're doing and completely rethink your life, if you're considering listening to the radio as you roll through the Canadian countryside. There is no road trip without a proper road trip playlist. So bust out the itunes and throw these Montreal tracks onto your mixtape, and you will never hear your friends complaining about the music ever again.

And if you're planning a trip and haven't worked out where to go yet, you can check out MTL Blog's list of 10 Fun Summer Road Trips Close To Montreal.

1. Sam Roberts Band - Shapeshifters (Young Galaxy Remix)

If you're looking for classic summery vibes, Sam Roberts is always a solid go-to, and Young Galaxy completely enhances the sunny feel on his latest single Shapeshifters. Make sure the windows are open and your hair is flowing in the breeze for this one.

 2. Beat Market - Aviator 2000

Although we don't recommend it, let's be real, you're probably going to be hitting high speeds throughout your travels. When you're ripping down the highway without a care in the world, this spacey electronic masterpiece by Beat Market will launch you into a new galaxy as your speedometer hits 140... but in all fairness, keep it reasonable, tickets and crashes are a real pain in the ass.

3. Blasé - Grass (Feat. Gabe 'Nandez, enemc)

The hip-hop playlist is a mainstay of the road trip. Nothing makes a long drive more enjoyable than hours upon hours of rhymes and beats. Really, any hip hop would do but Blasé's lyrically intricate Grass will completely break the bar on your road trip mixtape.

4. Arcade Fire - No Cars Go (Christian Strobe Remix)

In all honesty, I don't think I've ever put together a driving playlist without including Arcade Fire's No Cars Go. Its steady rhythm and uplifting melody will have you drumming on the steering wheel and singing right into your friend's ears. Christian Strobe reworks it into a beautiful synth symphony, adding a whole new level of intensity to this classic Montreal tune.

5. Iron Galaxy - Attention Seeker

If there's anything to keep your hands on the wheel and you eyes on the road, it's Attention Seeker by the very talented Iron Galaxy. This profoundly moving house track will probably have you engaging in a bit of Night at the Roxbury-inspired head bobbing as you throw on your night shades.


It's fair to say up-and-coming Montreal producer ANDRU. definitely knows how to put together a hard hitting track that will leave you jaw-dropped and drooling. The magnificent production quality might have you veering a little bit as you enter a state of pure bliss, so make sure to bring a friend along. In other words, we do not recommend driving alone while listening to an ANDRU. track.

7. A$AP Rocky - Fashion Killa (P-80 Bootleg)

There is no shortage of dope music coming out of Montreal. It's like every day you hear a new bouncy tune on your speakers, but who's complaining. If you're driving out to a music festival this P-80 remix of A$AP Rocky's Fashion Killa will get the party started nice and early.

8. Drake ft. Jay Z - Pound Cake (Thomas White Remix)

You can always count on our Canadian brother Drake to soundtrack just about anything. Montreal's Thomas White puts a chopped-up spin on Drake's single Pound Cake, making this one a mixtape essential. Especially good to keep you awake during those late nights ripping down a country road.

9. Mincha & Ghost Town - Aberdeen

If you're travelling with your boyfriend or girlfriend, things might start to get a little steamy as you look out over the horizon, thinking about the sensual week you're about to spend together. Aberdeen, with its jersey club elements, is a perfect song for those couples out on a weekend getaway who are basically struggling the entire ride from jumping all over each other.

10. Wolf Parade - Ghost Pressure

If I could thank Montreal for one thing, it would be for indie bands like Wolf Parade. This lovely summer tune has me wanting to go on a roadtrip, simply so I can play it the whole way, and I hope it makes your road trip as pleasant as I would imagine!

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