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10 Montreal Made Songs To Study To

Make studying a lot better

It's officially that time of year where every Montreal student is suffering from the same sickness, known as exam sickness. If you're a student and you're reading this, you're probably locked up in your room or in the library, head pounding, and struggling to keep yourself from crying. Don't worry friend, only a few more weeks of pain left, and then you're free as a dove, unless you're doing summer school, in which case I wish you good luck. If you're not the academic type, studying can prove to be quite boring, and listening to the tapping of a keyboard and the sobbing of your library neighbours is no way to keep your mind focused. Here are some incredible chilled-out tunes to soundtrack your study sessions.

1. Half Moon Run - Unofferable

It's been a long first week of exams, we know, but even though you're feeling doomed about your financial accounting class, taking a three minute break isn't going to kill you. Slip on those earbuds and let Half Moon Run's sweet harmonies carry you away for a bit. Just watch out for that repeat button, because it could end up being the death of you.

2. Rami.B(izzle) - Magical Girl

The jazzy electro beats of Montreal's Rami.B(izzle) will guide you through even the hardest of practice problems. Just try and keep from swaying too much or you might spill your mocha latte all over those precious notes.

3. Majical Cloudz - Mountain Eyes

There is nothing more fitting to study to than soft acoustic strumming and soothing vocals. Majical Cloudz sets the mood perfectly and makes that textbook turmoil feel just a little bit better.

4. Grimes -Drome

Grimes never fails to deliver, and here she is again on this track with an elegant soundscape and her angelic voice, providing the perfect jam for your afternoon reading. Grimes if you're reading this, can I pay you to sing me to sleep every night? Thanks!

5. Doldrums - KONTENT Mix 2013

Okay, sometimes you're just not in the proper mindset for a last minute cram session or all-night essay dash. Sometimes, you're all hyped up on caffeine and need some banging in your ears so you can hammer out the last few pages. This Doldrums house mix is just what you need.

6. Mr Little Jeans - The Suburbs (Arcade Fire Cover)

Mr Little Jeans is not from Montreal, I understand, but Arcade Fire is, so hell that's good enough. I first heard this Suburbs cover during my own study session, and while it's greatness was a wee bit distracting, I figured it's a perfect song to put your mind at ease after a long day of thinking.

7. From The Roof Top - Sniper's Theme (Da-P edition)

Some people prefer listening to heavy metal while they study, others like folk music, and others enjoy classical, but you can't not be into the soothing hip hop vibes of Montreal's Da-P. This track will keep your already steady thought flow moving along as it should be.

8. Jessica Kaye - Motives and Moves (featuring Clarity)

A beautiful song by singer-songwriter Jessica Kaye, a true voice of the heartbroken. This lovely acoustic track, which features rapper Clarity, is at once melancholic and soothing. If you're already suffering from the exam-time blues, then watch out, because this one might just push you over the edge.

9. More Please! - Flirtin

"A Summer breeze, blowin through leaves, me and you... alone." With the grey skies today and exam sickness worsening by the minute, a lyric like that could not have come at a better time. With everyone dreaming about summer, Flirtin by Montreal band More Please! will have you feeling one step closer to the ever-approaching warm weather and sunny skies, just remember to stay focused and keep your eyes on the prize.

10. Groenland - Superhero

Are you a superhero? Of course you are, I mean only a superhero could manage to pull off A's in five different classes, with each exam only one day apart, while holding down a part-time job to pay your tuition. You're a superhero and you know it, so stop stressing, because you know everything is going to be okay, and this beautiful track by Groenland will help you relax.

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