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10 Montreal Meals For Under $10

Eat well, for less.
10 Montreal Meals For Under $10

The best feeling in the world comes when your stomach and your wallet are full. Most of the time, one will have to be sacrificed for the other, but not at these Montreal restos. For only ten bucks (or even less!) these eateries will ensure your hunger pangs are ended and your money woes aren't increased.

Read on for some of Montreal's best meals for only $10.

1. Kim Ramen

1441 St. Mathieu

They make their own noodles and don't make you pay gross amounts extra for the authenticity. Most noodle and rice bowls are well below the 10 dollar mark. See the menu on Facebook. Other ramen joints in Montreal are similarly priced, so you won't go wrong with a big ol' bowl of noodle soup.

2. Pushap

5195 Paré

Light meals at Pushap are only 4 friggin' dollars, which is maybe the best deal ever. If your hunger is intense, even their full combo meals are only about $9. Check out the menu here.

3. Patati Patata

4177 St. Laurent

Perhaps the greatest of greasy spoons, double P is delicious and oh-so-reasonably priced. Yes, their burgers are small, but they only cost around $3 depending on the type, so you could order three and still not break a ten. Picks Burgers downtown is also worthy of a mention for cheap-but-tasty burgers.

4. El Rey Del Taco

232 Jean Talon E

Cheap and truly authentic Mexican food is only a trip to Jean-Talon away. Not only is El Rey Del Taco a cool little shop filled with food items, their hot table is so delicious and so reasonably priced you'll never want to go to Carlos and Pepe's ever again. Unless, of course, it's Sunday for $1 taco night.

5. Falafel @ Nilufar & Crazy Falafel

923 St-Catherine + 759 Côte-Vertu

Entirely vegetarian and deep fried delicious, falafels are always a good go-to for a cheap meal that's tasty. Montreal has many an option, including Nilufar, Crazy Falafel, and the more well-known places like Boustan and Sara.

6.Puca Puca

5400 St. Laurent

Go for lunch and you'll get a set meal authentic Peruvian meal with a starter, main course, dessert, and a drink for $8. You can choose between meat, fish, or veggie, and while the variations on the menu are pretty sparce, you just can't beat that price. Dinner is much the same, only it costs $15.

7. Thali

1413 St. Marc

Concordia students would probably kill me if I didn't include Thali, which truly does have a magical deal of a meal where they give you a whole platter of dishes with rice and naan for only $9, or $8 if you're going veggie. Wraps, sandwiches, and smaller snacks like pakoras and samosas are even cheaper, and just as good. Malhi also deserves a shout-out for being similarly cheap and tasty.

8. Le Petit Alep

191 Jean Talon E

If you've never had Syrian or Armenian food, Le Petit Alep is a good entry way...because its so damn affordable. Almost all sandwiches, pitas, and skeweres are below ten bucks, and if you're willing to get crazy and drop some extra cash, you can get their variation on the poutine with lamb, Aleppo cheese, and nuts. Add it to your to-eat list.

9. Pita Pan

St. Viateur and St. Urbain

Okay, to be fair, there are A LOT of places that serve up incredibly affordable pitas in the city, Boustan, Pitarifique, iFruit, and Marche Adonis are but a few of many. Pita Pan makes the list for their more unique offerings (like pita pizza) and, well, the name is pretty much the best thing ever. Sometimes puns take precedence over price, but that isn't to say Pita Pan doesn't have under ten dollar offerings.

10. Sandwiches @ Joe's Panini & Vua

1404 Drummond + 1579 St. Denis

Again, many spots will give you a sandwich for well below ten dollars, Wilesnky's being the most famous, but Joe's and Vua get the sub-title cred for being truly unique. Joe's is a 24hr stoner heaven with grilled paninis only $5.50. Vua makes fantastic Vietnamese sandwiches for around the same, and has a bunch of other incredibly delicious (and cheap) Asian treats as well. Super Sandwich, the deli-dep near McGill also deserves a shout-out for simple, cheap, and tasty sammies.

There are plenty more cheap eats in Montreal so let us know in the comments below!

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